How Much CBD & THC are in Medical Marijuana

close up of a hand holding a cannabis plant

Medical marijuana will always be the central pillar of the cannabis industry. No matter how big the recreational industry gets, the medical benefits are the reason that the population truly needs free access to grow, buy, and consume cannabis products at all. A big part of the legalization victory has been the ability to cultivate […]

Best Cannabis Edibles Vegas Has To Offer

Cannabis buds in a paper pot

Cannabis edibles are one of the best ways to truly relax and enjoy your high without a care. There’s no glass, no fire, no devices to charge. Instead, you can sip or snack with your feet up and your eyes closed. You can pass around edibles at a party or draw yourself a hot bath […]

Which Stiiizy Battery is Perfect For Me?

Row of different stiiizy colored vapes sitting next to each other

Ever struggled with carrying around a bong or with rolling joints? It’s happened to the best of us! After spending tons of time figuring out a convenient way to get our daily dose of THC, we’ve zeroed down on vapes. However, inefficient and malfunctioning batteries can undo the comfort of using a vape. Low-end batteries […]

Can Different Foods Affect Your High?

Cbd Hemp Oil Woman Taking Cannabis Oil In Tea

There are hundreds of different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, but two of the most popular ones remain cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is the compound that boasts most of the plant’s therapeutic effects, while THC is the one that carries the psychoactive effects prominently found in recreational strains. If you are an […]

Dementia and Medical Marijuana

Bearded Middle aged Man Artist Smoking a Marijuana Cigarette Or Joint

Every year 10 million people are diagnosed with some form of dementia, and it affects more than 55 million people worldwide. Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form, with one in nine people aged 65 and older living with the condition in the U.S. today. People with dementia experience a wide range of debilitating symptoms […]

How Do Millennials Feel about Marijuana?

Weed Joint And Storing Container

These days, millennials are faced with immense challenges: Climate change, immense prejudice towards minorities overtaking many areas of the United States, and even financial difficulties thanks to rising rent rates.  HOW DO MILLENNIALS FEEL ABOUT ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE?  32-40% of Millennials use alternative medicine, so quite a few of them are totally on board. Of course, […]

Will cannabis interfere with COVID-19 vaccine?

Covid-19 and Cannabis The past few years have changed life as we know it. Things that were an anomaly are now part of our routines now. During this indefinite intervention by the novel coronavirus, it disrupted many industries across the globe. Fortunately for cannabis users, the impact on the US cannabis sector has only been […]

NFL Changes Their Policy on CBD for Pain Management

inyo NFL Is Changing Their Policy on CBD for Pain Management

After years of drug testing and losing quality players due to cannabis use, the players association of the National Football League and the NFL itself have been exploring the fact that both THC and CBD infused cannabis products may be able to work as pain management alternatives. Research has pinpointed that cannabis could play a […]

The Best Cannabis Products to Enjoy This 4/20

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The last two years have seen the cannabis industry grow exponentially! Which is all the more reason many are looking forward to a happy 4/20 holiday with lots of celebrations. That being said, the continuous spread of Covid-19 has impacted our lives in ways that we couldn’t have predicted and cannabis has played an integral […]

A Cannabis Edible: Infused Sparkling Waters

Woman getting a can of Cannabis Drinks

With the rapid legalization of cannabis cultivation and consumption across the states, consumer demands happen to innovate with great excitement. The good news is that the cannabis industry is set to fulfill these demands and is coming up with incredible products every day.  One of these products is the infused sparkling water – entering into […]