Best Cannabis Edibles Vegas Has To Offer

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Cannabis edibles are one of the best ways to truly relax and enjoy your high without a care. There’s no glass, no fire, no devices to charge. Instead, you can sip or snack with your feet up and your eyes closed. You can pass around edibles at a party or draw yourself a hot bath and disappear into the steam with an edible snack in hand.

But which are the best edibles brands to try as you begin your journey into snackable cannabis? If you’re reading from Sin City (or planning a visit), the Inyo Dispensary can point you toward some of the top edibles brands in Las Vegas.


Sip Elixirs

A simple name with big flavor and an even bigger effect, Sip Elixirs is making a name for itself with tiny bottles that pack a punch. And taste like punch. These drinkable cannabis treats come in intense fruity flavors including Electric Lemon, Tropical Crush, Sunset Punch, and Wild Berry. Each little elixir bottle contains 100 mg of THC and it’s recommended that you consider that to be 10 servings of 10mg sips each – hence the name.


Haha Edibles

If you’re ready to laugh, check out Haha Edibles, a growing cannabis edibles brand in Nevada that produces both tasty packets of gummies and smooth cans of cannabis soda. Haha warns that products may result in a good time, so approach these snacks with that in mind.

Haha gummies come in fun flavors including Mystery Berry, Blue Raz, and Pink Lemonade. Each packet contains 10 gummies, and each gummy contains 10 mg of THC, making these 100 mg packets to choose your personal strength on a gummy-by-gummy basis.

The Haha cannabis sodas can be found in both fruity and classic soda flavors including Grape and Root Beer. Each soda contains a single 10 mg portion of THC, so you can sip with abandon and then crack the next one.



For an entirely different gummy experience, check out Camino, where every flavor is a landscape. Camino gummies come in beautiful little tins each containing 20 gummies. Flavors include Wild Berry, Watermelon Lemonade, Midnight Blueberry, Blood Orange, Uzu Lemon, and so many more. Each flavor combination also comes with 2-5mg of THC and 0-5 mg of CBD per gummy, and a beautiful matching landscape on the tin. For example, Blood Orange features a spooky cabin in the woods, while Wild Cherry is a pink rooftop pool.



If you’re craving cannabis chocolate, look no further than Binske, an inspired brand that seeks to create elevated experiences in classic Las Vegas style. Binske’s dark chocolate bar contains 100 mg of THC throughout the bar and can be eaten entirely at your leisure. This is your perfect bathtime companion to eat alone, to break off little pieces when you feel down, or to make into amazing cannabis s’mores when celebrating with friends.



Last but never least, is one of Nevada’s most well-known edibles brands, Cann. Cann is a pun for both cannabis and canned soda. Cann offers 8 oz sodas with 2mg THC and 4 mg CBD per can, so you can knock them back with your pals without worrying about overdoing the buzz, or you can go all-out with 12 oz “highboys” which each contain 5 mg THC for greater enjoyment.

Cann also has a mix of unique and herbal-inspired flavors, including Blood Orange Cardamom, Lemon Lavender, Ginger Lemongrass, Grapefruit Rosemary, and a Nevada specialty: Pineapple Jalapeno.


Discover Las Vegas’ Best Edibles at Inyo Las Vegas Dispensary

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