The Best Cannabis Products to Enjoy This 4/20

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The last two years have seen the cannabis industry grow exponentially! Which is all the more reason many are looking forward to a happy 4/20 holiday with lots of celebrations. That being said, the continuous spread of Covid-19 has impacted our lives in ways that we couldn’t have predicted and cannabis has played an integral role in these times of crisis with its possible benefits like anti-depression and anti-anxiety effects. 

While it might not be the largest in-person celebration of the 4/20 holiday it will still be honored by many. Cannabis has become a significant part of many people’s anti-anxiety and relaxation agendas. 

If you’re one of those people and would like to show support for the holiday and participate in celebrating it, you’re at the right place. Inyo, the best Vegas dispensary, has all the best cannabis products that will help you enjoy 4/20 this year!

Please take a look at our best cannabis products below! You can enjoy the 4/20 holiday and snag some new favorites from Inyo, the cannabis dispensary near the Las Vegas strip.

Cheeba Caramel Chew

This perfect blend of butter and creamy caramel by Old Pal will make your 4/20 holiday a lot greener! It has a properly dosed THC proportion in every bite – that may be capable of relieving your stress and anxiety all at once and letting you enter a state of relaxation.

Whether you wish to celebrate this 4/20 holiday inside the home, relaxing your mind, or at a socially distanced hang out with a group of friends, Cheeba Caramel Chew could be your partner in every situation with the incredible calm it offers to your brain.

Super Lemon Haze

This Old Pal product is Sativa-dominant which contains a sweet-lemon aroma and the taste of some zesty lemon candy. It gives you an amazingly energetic boost that will make your holiday even more enjoyable! Super Lemon Haze is also popular among consumers for helping them feel focused, motivated and giggly altogether – a perfect mix of emotions to celebrate the spirit of the 4/20 holiday.

92 Hollywood Hills

This strain-specific pre-roll by Nature’s Chemistry packs a powerful punch for all those feeling unmotivated this 4/20. It has a perfect blend of cannabinoids that could boost your mood and help you celebrate an exciting day!

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana by Nature’s Chemistry is an Indica-dominant strain cultivated as a cross between Strawberry Bubblegum and Crockett’s Banana Kush. It has a unique, sweet, and fruity flavor that is perfect for making your 4/20 holiday a delight. This fantastic cannabis product is famous for letting the consumers feel creative, happy, and relaxed altogether.  

Black Triangle

Black Triangle by Green Life Productions is the perfect cannabis strain for those who wish to celebrate this 4/20 holiday on their couch, relaxing inside the home. It has an amazing musky and earthy flavor with hints of pine and creates a heavy, mind-bending effect that could help encourage a deeply relaxed mind and calm nerves.

Chocolate Bitez by OMG THC

This pocket-size, hand-made gourmet treat is the perfect cannabis product for celebrating 4/20!  It is solvent-free, dark-rich chocolate infused with just the right proportion of cannabinoids for a luxuriously delicious taste and even better effect.

Found your perfect match for the 4/20 holiday celebrations? Don’t hesitate to grab your favorite products early! You can either visit us in-store to find your favorite cannabis products from Inyo, the best cannabis dispensary, or place your order for curbside pickup or delivery—whatever suits your lifestyle best! We offer all the in-store, delivery, and curbside pickup services!

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