Which Stiiizy Battery is Perfect For Me?

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Ever struggled with carrying around a bong or with rolling joints? It’s happened to the best of us! After spending tons of time figuring out a convenient way to get our daily dose of THC, we’ve zeroed down on vapes.

However, inefficient and malfunctioning batteries can undo the comfort of using a vape. Low-end batteries will typically give out within a few months. So if you’re looking for a reliable replacement, Stiiizy is the way to go. 

Stiiizy’s range of premium batteries comes with tough exteriors and easy recharge benefits that can transform your vaping experience. Whether you are new to the world of cannabis or a regular user, we’ll help you figure out the right battery for your Stiiizy vape or pen.

If you’re reading this after Googling “Stiiizy batteries near me” in search of a good vape battery, you are in the right place. We’re here to help you find the best Stiiizy battery for all your needs. We’ve also got you covered if you’re looking to explore a few other brands while you’re at it. Read on to find out about the best battery options available on Inyo.


Stiiizy Official Battery Starter Kit

The official Stiiizy battery kit is ideal for users who are starting out on their marijuana journey. The battery is small enough to be carried in your purse or pocket and can be recharged using a USB cable. This makes it a perfect fit for those looking to sneak a few drags every now and then without drawing too much attention.  

The starter kit includes: 

  • Official Stiiizy Battery (210mAh Rechargeable Battery)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • USB Charging Port

The kit does not include a Stiiizy pod, which needs to be purchased separately. For the uninitiated, a pod is a cannabis concentrate cartridge that attaches to the battery. Once connected, the battery activates the pod and the user can breathe in through the pod’s inhaler. Stiiizy pods feature different cannabis strains and come in flavors like “Blue Burst”, “Apple Fritter”, and “Granddaddy Purp”. 

The battery comes in various colors, including silver, black, orange, rose, red, blue, camo, gold, rose gold, purple, green, and bright neon shades.


Biiig Stiiizy Battery Advanced Kit

At 550 mAh, the Biiig Stiiizy battery packs more than twice the punch of a Starter Kit rechargeable battery, making it ideal for frequent and heavy smokers. A regular battery probably won’t last long if you’re taking drags often. In such a case, you need a much stronger battery like the Biiig Stiiizy so that you don’t have to keep recharging it time and again.  

Besides lasting much longer than the Starter Kit battery, the Biiig Stiiizy is also significantly larger. Of course, the larger dimensions mean this big boy is not as discreet and can feel a bit heavy in your pocket.  

The Biiig Advanced Kit includes:

  • Biiig Stiiizy Battery (550mAh Rechargeable Battery)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • USB Charging Port

As with the Official Starter Kit, Stiiizy pods are not included in the Biiig Advanced Kit and you’ll need to buy them separately. 

The Biiig battery also comes in a wide range of colors, including black, orange, rose, red, blue, camo, silver, gold, rose gold, purple, and green.


Portable Power Case

A frequent gripe with most cannabis vape users is running out of batteries at the worst possible moments. Nobody likes to go around scavenging for a charging point in the middle of a party or conversation. Luckily, Stiiizy has a solution for times like these. 

Along with a Stiiizy vape battery, you can also pick up a Stiiizy portable power bank with a 750 mAh capacity battery that offers high-speed charging. This lifesaver comes in a host of attractive colors (black, red, blue, rose, orange, camo, silver, gold, rose gold, purple, and green).  

The portable power case comes with: 

  • Official Stiiizy Portable Power Case
  • USB Charging Cable
  • USB Charging Port
  • 1 Micro USB Power Adapter

The package does not contain batteries or pods, which must be bought separately.


Looking for Batteries From Other Brands?

Remember, Stiiizy pods only work with Stiiizy batteries, so there is no point trying to attach your Stiiizy pod to batteries from other brands.  

However, if you’re looking to experiment with other batteries out there, we at Inyo Fine Cannabis offer a great selection of vapes, pens, cartridges, and batteries that you can choose from. Church Cannabis Company offers great rechargeable vape pens that are heavy metal-free and come with preset temperature control. Canna Hemp, similarly, has a lovely disposable vape pen with delicious notes of grapefruit. 

You can order online or visit our store located in the heart of Las Vegas. Our knowledgable staff would be happy to guide you through all the different kinds of cannabis vapes, cartridges, and batteries we have on offer.


The Best of Stiiizy at Inyo Fine Cannabis

Say goodbye to all your vaping woes by investing in a high-quality and rechargeable Stiiizy battery. With a range of nifty, long-lasting batteries, Stiiizy offers you a chance to get high comfortably and discreetly. Whether you choose the Official Battery Starter Kit or the Biiig Stiiizy Advanced Kit, you can be sure of having a clean and smooth cannabis experience every time. 

The difference between the two Stiiizy batteries comes down to: 

  • battery life  
  • size of the battery

If you are comfortable carrying a larger and slightly less conspicuous battery, you will love the Biiig Stiiizy for its ample smoke clouds and strong highs. The smaller Official Stiiizy, with its humble clouds, may take a few drags for the high to hit you, but the effect is just as enjoyable. 

Plus, there is always the Portable Power case to cover you in case you run out of battery life. 

So, visit our dispensary between 8 AM and midnight or shop online on the Inyo Fine Cannabis website to get your hands on these game-changing batteries.

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