NFL Changes Their Policy on CBD for Pain Management

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inyo NFL Is Changing Their Policy on CBD for Pain Management

After years of drug testing and losing quality players due to cannabis use, the players association of the National Football League and the NFL itself have been exploring the fact that both THC and CBD infused cannabis products may be able to work as pain management alternatives. Research has pinpointed that cannabis could play a crucial role in enhancing players’ athletic performance without posing any side effects.

Considering the generally uplifting effects from cannabis use and the expanded research in this field, the NFL made certain prominent changes in their drug-testing policy last year – similarly penalizing all drugs, unlike the previous trends of focusing on only cannabis. However, the changes failed to showcase the NFL’s interest in determining if cannabis could be used as an alternative to pain management medications.

The good news is that the NFL is expected to bring more updates and changes to their policy – shifting the trend of penalizing drug usage to the understanding of why cannabis is being used and recommending the players with proper dosage and treatment required to get their pain managed effectively.

In an official statement by the NFL, they have claimed to have the primary objective of finding those researchers having the expertise and capability to carry through studies that could best help the Pain Management Committee at NFA in expanding their knowledge about pain management and its impact on the athletic performance of all players.

The NFL is likely to invest significant effort in determining how cannabis may be effective for pain management among the players and whether it has a positive role to play in regards to athletic performance or not. The league also aims to discover if cannabis could play any role in post-surgical pain management as well.

Previously, the NFL had conducted several informational forums over CBD to gain knowledge about its role as a medicine. The research resulted in the fact that CBD is an effective compound, but its expanded usage across the USA surpasses available evidence. 

Most of the evidence about CBD is based upon animal studies, so there are still gaps to be filled in terms of scientific knowledge for CBD. Now, the NFL aims to study the depths of THC alongside further investigating CBD, and they are seeking scientists with interest or experience in the cannabis industry.

Until now, the NFL players who were found positive for cannabis use were likely to face deductions in their salaries and fines, unlike suspension in previous years. However, in light of the new position of the NFL to encourage the study of cannabis – even these deductions are expected to be stopped while the research on cannabis usage for pain management and its role in the enhancement of athletic performance continues.

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