Will cannabis interfere with COVID-19 vaccine?

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Covid-19 and Cannabis

The past few years have changed life as we know it. Things that were an anomaly are now part of our routines now. During this indefinite intervention by the novel coronavirus, it disrupted many industries across the globe. Fortunately for cannabis users, the impact on the US cannabis sector has only been positive. 

According to Forbes, this sector went on to hit record high sales of over $17 billion in the year 2020 when most parts of the world were mobilized. Users turned to cannabis to benefit from its stress-releasing characteristics, and to ease their minds during that disturbing time. 

Fortunately, researchers have been able to swiftly find a COVID vaccine that may not provide patients with immunity but has surely plummeted the number of severe cases across the globe. 

However, it has also left cannabis users with a question mark – users getting COVID vaccines are unsure how the cannabinoids would react with the vaccine, and if consumption of cannabis could lead to a reduction in the vaccine’s effects. 

This blog contains all the information you need regarding if and how the consumption of cannabis affects vaccination statuses, and if consumption of cannabis before and after getting vaccinated is a safe move to make. 

The Recent Research

According to recent research conducted at the Oregon State University, cannabis contents may enable users to reduce potential infections caused by the COVID-19. The study reveals that there are certain compounds found in cannabis that may hinder COVID-19’s entry into the body. 

The Journal of Natural Products – which published the research – stated that cannabinoids not only block the entry of SARS-CoV-2 but also keep its emerging variants from entering the human body. This was mainly due to the cannabinoid acids that are present in medical cannabis. 

The research states that cannabinoids like CBGA and CBDA that are already associated with a number of therapeutic benefits, bind themselves to the SARS-CoV-2’s spike protein, which inhibits the virus’s entry into the cells where they cause damage. 

These cannabinoids occur in abundance in the hemp plants leading their way into most medical cannabis strains and products that we find in the market. According to the researchers of this study, these cannabinoids may well “have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2,”

The best part about this discovery is that it does not involve substances like THC, which causes psychoactive effects. Being solely medical means a vast majority of the users and non-users may be willing to consume it, thereby enabling them to keep safe from potential COVID-19 contraction. 

The research specifically mentions two key variants of the COVID-19 against which the cannabinoids performed, the UK variant (B.1.1.7) and the South African variant (B.1.351). Richard Van Breemen, the leading researcher behind the study, believes that the abovementioned hemp compounds, among several others, could be highly effective against most, or all, variants of the COVID-19. This has sparked a lot of hope in the user and non-user communities.

Where Could This Lead To?

 The US cannabis sector may see a further hike in sales if the research-based medical cannabis products and strains are rolled out in the market since both users and non-users will be willing to opt for them in order to keep safe from a potential COVID-19 contraction.

Van Breemen is hopeful that such cannabinoids will not only inhibit the entry of the COVID-19 virus but will also help people in shortening the potential infections caused by the virus. 

Although the research led by Van Breemen has provided a critical breakthrough in cannabis’s ability to counteract COVID-19, exerts including himself believe that there is still a lot of research required to reach a concrete conclusion – this research has only provided a solid ground for other researchers to work with.

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