Why Grandma is Turning to Cannabis

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Woman smiling and sitting on a sofa

Woman smiling and sitting on a sofa

When most people think of cannabis users, they typically have an image of a young person in their head, keen to try new experiences. But it turns out that the world of cannabis is more complicated than that. There isn’t just one type of person who uses the herb. Instead, it is something that people from all age demographics, including the elderly, are eager to try. 

Recent evidence, for instance, suggests that grandma is turning to cannabis in a big way. Data from a Colorado study suggests that the number of people over the age of sixty using the plant for medicinal and other uses is rising sharply. Seniors don’t seem to be able to get enough of cannabis and are enjoying it just as much as other age groups. 

It’s not just the state of Colorado either. With growing legalization across the country, an increasing number of grandmas (and grandpas) are trying their luck with the plant. Senior cannabis use is on the rise!

So what’s driving all of this? Is it just creeping legalization, or is something else going on? 

Seniors Need Their Medicine

For seniors, consuming cannabis isn’t just about having a good time or living life to the fullest. They also largely use it for medicinal purposes. The plant can sometimes offer treatment for conditions that regular medications find challenging to touch. 

For years, researchers have talked about how cannabis can potentially help to alleviate feelings of anxiety by tapping into the body’s endocannabinoid system. Investigations show that this system regulates a substantial chunk of our response to pains of all types. So seniors could find relief from the discomfort of chronic conditions by using the herb. 

Arthritis and back pain are two conditions that plague people over the age of sixty. These two conditions are the most common reasons for cannabis use. After that, older people use it to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

The turn to cannabis among those over sixty, therefore, is being driven primarily by the need for effective treatments. Current pharmaceuticals tend to have relatively modest effects on alleviating symptoms. Patients wind up on powerful pain-relief drugs, many of which have undesirable side-effects. Most seniors want something that can ease their suffering. Thus, they are innovating and turning to CBD-containing products available from our Las Vegas dispensary. Typically, they just want something that will take away their pain and make them feel happier. 

Seniors Want To Try New Things

However, It would be naive to suggest that pain relief is the only reason seniors are using cannabis products. Just like everyone else, they also want to experience new things. 

According to a survey by Kevin Yang at the University of California, San Diego, around three-fifths of people experience cannabis for the first time later on in their lives. They don’t necessarily start in their youth and then carry the habit with them through life. Many older people are just open-minded. 

The fact that legalization is now in full swing is also important. There is less stigma associated with using cannabis, especially CBD-based products. So older adults feel freer to experience the plant for themselves to see what all the fuss is about. 

The way older people approach cannabis, however, seems to be different from that of younger groups. Most want topical lotions or purified CBD products. They don’t buy so many edibles or want products that make them smoke the plant. 

Of course, not all seniors are new to the activity. Some enjoyed it in the past and now want to return to the fold because of liberalization. Those who smoked in the sixties and seventies are now finding that they can return to their youth and re-experience the sensations of the past. 

Seniors Want Spiritual Fulfillment

Today, there are a lot of senior citizens out there who are what you might call “canna-curious.” They’re part of a group of people who are interested in trying the plant and learning more about it. 

This curiosity goes well beyond the mere sensation of the plant. People want to consume it for spiritual purposes as well. Thus, for many, cannabis is a helpful alternative with added mystical benefits. The herb can be a doorway to more fulfilling spiritual experiences – something that might be difficult for a person dealing with chronic illness or depression. 

There’s also evidence that senior citizens are using cannabis to enhance their creative endeavors, just like the younger generation. Older people want to use the stuff to boost their creative output and encourage them to view their work in a new light. 

Seniors Love Cannabis For The Social Element

Then, there’s the social element. Older people tend to live isolated lives, either because their family has moved on or they struggle to enjoy new interests. Cannabis provides a focal point for everyone in their social circle to gather around. The cannabis experience can make the whole group feel elated, improving the social occasion, and helping them get the most of it. 

Seniors Are Finding It Easier To Buy Cannabis

Recent years have also seen improvements in the practical matter of getting a hold of cannabis. Obtaining the plant was notoriously tricky in the past, not to mention expensive. Seniors would often find themselves feeling a sense of trepidation at the prospect. It just wasn’t worth it. With options like Inyo, the best Vegas dispensary, that all began to change. Now older people can stop by for curbside pickup or get cannabis delivered to their homes the next.

Access to the market, therefore, has improved tremendously over recent years. We’ve seen an explosion of interest and dramatic growth in the number of available products for sale.

Grandma no longer has to wonder where to buy cannabis in Las Vegas. All she has to do is log onto the Inyo website and start adding items to her cart. Plus, she doesn’t even have to leave the house with Inyo’s cannabis delivery. Try it today!

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