Cannabis May Help With Alcohol Abuse

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Alcoholism is one of the biggest struggles that people may deal within their lives. Addiction to alcohol is something that many deal with, and quitting can be just as difficult for the body as withdrawal. There has been research that shows cannabis could potentially be something that helps with alcohol abuse. Addiction is hard and tapering off from using alcohol can be even harder for those suffering from addiction, but there is new hope that cannabis could be the help needed to wean off of alcohol.

Excessive Alcohol Use

It’s noted that society doesn’t have the same view on alcoholism as it used to, which is a positive thing. Cannabis has become a household name over the past few years, and the number of college students and teenagers who excessively use alcohol has reduced as cannabis has been legalized. When people turn to alcohol to numb their depression or pain, it turns into a long-term addiction, which can have a detrimental effect on the rest of their lives. 

With cannabis being a focus as it grows in popularity and legality, there has been a marginal increase in cannabis use. There has also been a reduction in regulated pharmaceuticals and sales of alcohol. With people more educated now than ever on how cannabis may help, they realize that cannabis may be a better option compared to over-the-counter medications. It makes sense that cannabis could be a safer substitute than alcohol, and overcoming certain addictions by weaning off of them is important for a healthier life.

Cannabis Instead Of Alcohol?

People who try to quit drinking often go to AA meetings and sometimes find a replacement therapy for alcohol. Smokers turn to patches and chewing gum to break the habit. So, it makes sense that there could be benefits in using cannabis instead of alcohol without succumbing to further addiction. 

No matter the substitute, it should offer health benefits – but does cannabis meet these criteria?

Studies show that cannabis has previously helped individuals stop drinking entirely, and within two years some former patients that struggled with alcohol abuse saw an improvement in the functioning of their livers and overall health. The health improvements are well documented, and in terms of physical harm, cannabis is less harmful than pharmaceuticals and alcohol. The withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can be devastating, but cannabis withdrawal is safer and the effects are temporary.

Cannabis misuse is not a factor where alcoholism is concerned. Under 20% of users show a dependence on alcohol for life, and yet under 10% of those show a dependency on cannabis. This alone could show that alcohol is more likely to cause an addiction than cannabis – and cannabis may actually help to wean people off drinking. Alcohol has a fatality rate in the US of 3.5%, but the worldwide percentage is higher than this. Whereas, the number of deaths attributed to cannabis is currently zero. 


Alcohol is much more expensive than cannabis and could be a reason that more people have chosen to use cannabis instead. Further scientific analysis is needed but cannabis may also improve health in some cases. Alcohol does not do this, the more you drink, the more your liver is affected. The best Vegas dispensary experts can help you with finding the best cannabis to buy and help you determine how it will affect you. They may also be able to tell you how alcohol affects the body vs. how cannabis affects the body.

The Verdict?

Cannabis is cited as a promising replacement therapy to use with those who deal with alcohol abuse. Those who use cannabis as a treatment have shown that they can complete treatment with more success and not only do they wean off drinking, but their health improves overall.

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