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The Marijuana Sativa Strains You Need to Buy in Las Vegas

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Sativa strains

You’re in Las Vegas.

Step away from the whirring of the slot machines and a green revolution is underway. Marijuana consumers rejoice! Recreational consumption is legal.

Head to the nearest dispensary and prepare to have your mind blown. Quality Vegas shops are stocked with dense, THC-rich buds and vials of potent concentrates. Mouth-wateringly delicious edibles line the shelves.

So what should you buy? If you want to party in Vegas, you can’t go wrong with a perky sativa.

Sativa strains will you keep you feeling blazed as you flit from party to party. They’re perfect for nights out on the Strip because they give you an energetic, up-for-anything high.

Next time you’re standing in front of a Vegas budtender, here’s what you should ask for.

The 10 Best Sativa Strains in Vegas

If you love marijuana, you probably sativa.

Our planet boasts three types of weed– Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Longtime smokers tend to gravitate toward to the trippy cerebral effects common with sativa strains.

What’s the best marijuana strain in the world? Nobody will be able to answer that question but you. The powerful sativa that leaves your friend feeling upbeat and relaxed might make you feel loopy because it’s so strong.

Try out different strains until you find one that you’re in love with.

1. Jack Herer

If you’re looking for a strain that you haven’t tried before, you may as well start with a classic. Jack Herer is a famous sativa-dominant hybrid named after beloved marijuana activist and author.

Take a puff of Jack Herer and prepare to get hit with an explosion of energy. If you felt tired before, you’ll wake up instantly when then terpene-rich smells of this bud hit your nostrils.

2. Green Crack

Rumor has it Snoop Dog himself came up with the name.

This is a delicious, fruity strain that pumps up your mood while providing powerful pain relief. Smoke a joint loaded with Green Crack and you might get an itch to get started on creative projects that you’ve only been dreamed about.

The strain’s uplifting mental effects will energize your mind. Green Crack is a good choice you’re looking for a really powerful high.

3. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is the stuff of legends. It’s the type of strain that stoners used to dream about. Now it’s been perfected and grown by legitimate operations rather than drug cartels and unreliable dealers.

It’s a mellow, high-THC strain that’s beloved for its calming effects. It tastes fruity and earthy at the same time.

4. Blue Dream

Prepare to fall in love with this dream.

The strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred from a mixture of Blueberry and Silver Haze. It’s an awesome weed for people who aren’t super experienced with marijuana.

It’s known for being highly soothing, mimicking the deep relaxation associated with indica strains.

5. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is an excellent choice for consumers searching for a potent strain. It gets its name because people tend to fall into coughing fits after smoking it.

Users report a joyous high. It tastes faintly of strawberries and has a sweet, mild smell. Consume a little Strawberry Cough before you head out for a night in Vegas and you’re almost guaranteed to have a good time.

6. Chemdawg

This strain was bred for its yummy flavor. Its buds are frosted with terpenes and mind-altering cannabinoids, explaining the strong mind-body effects that occur after its smoked.

It’s a great option for medicinal and recreational consumers.

People searching for pain relief will be satisfied by the strain’s diverse terpene profile and high THC count while those who just want to get blazed will love the heady high.

7. Tangie

Tangie is a super strain born in Europe. It was too popular not to be shared with the rest of the world and quickly spread across the ocean. It was bred from a strain of Tangerine popular in the 90’s.

Load a bowl of Tangie and the first thing you’ll notice is the tantalizing citrus smell. Like all top sativa strains, Tangie is known for causing a happy, excited high.

8. Maui Waui

It’s fun to say and even more fun to smoke.

This strain delights marijuana users who have been consuming for years as well first-time users. It’s not so strong that it will knock you out, yet it’s not so mild that experienced users will be bored.

Maui Waui originated in Hawaii. The flower retained some of the island’s qualities. Consume a nug of Maui Waui and you’ll get transported to the white-sand beaches of Hawaii’s most striking beaches.

9. Headband

This hybrid is popular for a reason. It’s bred from a powerful mixture of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, making it the child of two mighty strains. If you want to feel blissed out on marijuana, this is probably the strain for you.

Headband buds have a high THC content and a wide array of terpenes. Inexperienced marijuana users might want to start with a different strain for their first time.

Or hey, go wild! You know your body. Weed that sends someone else to another planet might do little more than relax your muscles.

10. OG Kush

OG Kush is a renowned strain.

It first burst onto the scene in California in the mid 90’s. Marijuana lovers have pined after it ever since. There are a huge number of “Kush” family derivatives, but the OG might be the king.

Take a bong hit of OG Kush and feelings of euphoria should bubble up. It’s an extremely happy weed.

Start Shopping

Now that you know what strains to look out for, it’s time to go find them!

We update our menu daily. We provide nothing but top-quality marijuana products guaranteed to satisfy medical and recreational customers.

Marijuana transactions have climbed out of the black market. You no longer need to meet the shady guy selling buds out of the back of his car to buy premium weed.

Contact us if you’re ready to get blazed in Vegas. We sell the best sativa strains that you’ll find in the city.

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