Cannabis Edibles: Why They Work For Sleep

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It’s hard to be at your best when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. We all know how much better and smoothly the day can go when we’ve had a solid night of rest! However, this is something that many Americans are struggling with.

One-third of Americans say that they get less than the recommended amount of sleep on any given night, and this can cause problems – not just for our ability to be productive and enjoy the following day, but also for our overall health. While there are many ways to improve your sleeping habits, one increasingly popular way is to use cannabis gummies. These can relax your body and mind, which may provide the perfect combination many look for when it comes to getting better sleep. 

The Power of Cannabis

The possible effects of cannabis have been known and studied for some time. However, more and more people are putting together THC and CBD products to create a sleeping aid. THC has a sedative effect, which is ideal for people to relax when getting ready for bed. CBD helps to control stress and anxiety. Together the two cannabinoids have the potential to create a pretty good recipe for sleeping. 

What the Studies Say

There have not been many studies that look at the relationship between cannabis and sleep, but there have been a few, and the early science is encouraging. Studies have shown that THC can induce sleep, making it an ideal pre-sleep substance. CBD can also help with stress and anxiety. In general, it’s best to try a strain of cannabis that contains more THC than CBD before bed; a good Las Vegas dispensary will have a range of strain options with those features. One study suggested that people who had cannabis edibles before hitting the hay experienced deeper sleep than those that did not. 

How to Introduce Them In Your Sleeping Schedule 

If you’re interested in using cannabis edibles as a sleeping aid, then it’s important that you introduce them into your sleeping schedule carefully. First, make sure you get the right cannabis for your needs. A good Las Vegas dispensary will be able to help you select the right one. Once you have found your product, you’ll need to find out what your personal onset time is. Edibles can take longer to set in than smoking, and it’s always best to start low and go slow! When you know how long it takes for your desired dose to exhibit effects, you’ll know at which time you should take them to help you as the best possible sleep aid. For example, if you have an onset time of one hour, then an hour before bed would make sense. 

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