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Your Guide to Legal Cannabis in Nevada

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Legal cannabis

Planning a Vegas trip, and wondering about the status of legal cannabis in Nevada?

The good news is that cannabis is now legal across the state. However, the regulations are strict, so you’ll want to know how to play it safe before you go. Don’t let legal trouble get in the way of your fun – read this guide first so you can enjoy cannabis with no trouble.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about legal Las Vegas dispensary cannabis in Nevada. Keep reading to learn more!

Who Can Buy Legal Cannabis in Nevada?

Ever since November 8, 2016, recreational marijuana is available for purchase to anyone 21 and up – just like alcohol.

However, if you’re 18 or older and have a valid medical marijuana card, even one from another state, you can also legally buy marijuana in Nevada. Even minors can get medical marijuana cards, as long as a guardian or parent who agrees to be the minor’s primary caregiver signs the Minor Release Form.

Marijuana Purchase Limits

You can legally buy cannabis in Nevada, but not in unlimited quantities. You’re allowed to purchase cannabis flower amounts up to one ounce, or up to one-eighth an ounce of marijuana concentrate, at a time. On each purchase, you also have to pay an excise tax of 15 percent.

People with valid medical marijuana cards can buy as much as 2.5 ounces of marijuana every two weeks in Nevada. This can include edibles, flower, concentrate, topical, or anything else with cannabis that can get you high. This is defined as “usable marijuana,” although the term is a bit vague, and its definition is currently up for debate.

The weight of the cannabinoids in a marijuana product is used to calculate the amount of usable marijuana. If you buy one kind of marijuana product and are still under the weight limit, you can buy other products until you reach your maximum limit for the two-week period.

Of course, there are multiple marijuana dispensaries in the state, but you can’t avoid this rule just by visiting different stores. Your purchases are tracked across the state in real time, so you can’t get around the purchase limits.

Where to Buy Legal Cannabis

Nevada has plenty of medical marijuana dispensaries where you can get your needs met if you have a medical card. Since recreational cannabis was legalized, a number of those facilities have become dual-licensed, so they can sell both recreational and medical cannabis.

The number of recreational dispensaries in an area depends on the size of the county. Clark County contains the most dispensaries: 80. Washoe County has 20, Carson County has four, and the state’s other 14 counties have two each.

In the most populated areas you’ll find the most dispensaries, so you don’t need to worry about tracking down a Las Vegas legal cannabis shop.

Hours to Buy

The store hours of a dispensary have to be authorized by the local government, so you won’t find any 24-hour pot shops in the state. These shops are required to be open only during their legally established hours, and they have to clearly post their store hours.

The regulations vary depending on the area. In Las Vegas, dispensaries can stay open between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm. In Reno, however, legal cannabis shops can sell until midnight.

Where Can You Smoke in Nevada?

You can buy cannabis products publicly, but you can’t legally consume them publicly in Nevada. Smoking in public is illegal. You also can’t smoke on federal land, or in your car. You’ll need to be inside a private residence before you consume your purchases.

Smoking in your hotel isn’t often a good option, either. A few hotels allow cigarette smoking, but many prohibit marijuana because it’s still illegal according to federal law.

Casino hotels are particularly strict since they have to be careful to meet their gaming regulations. They don’t want to take any risks with the federal law, so they tend to be strict about marijuana use on-site.

If you’re caught in violation of the public consumption laws, you’ll get a misdemeanor charge. Your punishment can include up to six months of jail time, a fine up to $1,000, or worse: both. Community service requirements can sometimes replace these punishments, or be added on top of them.

No matter what, the punishment for public smoking is harsh, so be sure to find a safe private space for consumption every time.

Driving Under the Influence

It’s also not legal to drive in Nevada under the influence of legal cannabis. You can also get fines, community service, and jail time if you’re caught driving while high.

Blood samples, urine samples, and field sobriety tests can all be used to determine if you’re under the influence.

Urine samples that show ten nanograms of cannabis per milliliter, or blood samples that show at least two nanograms per milliliter, will get you a conviction. You can sometimes fight the charges in court, but it’s not worth it – just don’t drive high.

Marijuana Transportation

Transporting marijuana legally is much like transporting alcohol. You can have weed in your car, but it has to be in a sealed container that’s far from the driver, as well as any passengers who are minors.

If you don’t transport your legal cannabis properly, you can get fined for having an “open container” of marijuana. If minors are in the vehicle, the charges will be more severe.

You can’t legally transport marijuana across state lines, even if the state you’re going to also has legalized marijuana. If you buy marijuana in Nevada, you have to consume it there, too.

Looking for Legal Cannabis in Nevada?

As long as you follow the rules, it’s easy and fun to enjoy marijuana during your Vegas vacation. You can choose from plenty of medical and recreational dispensaries that have all kinds of products to meet your needs.

If visiting a dispensary isn’t an option, did you know that you can also order cannabis products online? Find out more here.

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