What is Cannabis Hash: Types, Benefits, Effects

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Cannabis hash, or more commonly known as just hash, is the most potent form of cannabis which is prepared by processing trichomes – the part of the plant most rich with CBD, terpenes, and THC. Trichomes are the fine hair-like outgrowths that are present in certain species of plants.

In literal terms, hash is derived from the Arabic word “hashish”, which means grass. Hash can come in various colors, from green to dark yellow and reddish-brown, and sometimes even black. Due to the high concentration of THC in hash, it is formed as bricks or balls, and can also be turned into a paste-like waxy substance.

Usage of Cannabis Hash

For thousands of years, cannabis has been used across many different cultures for euphoric relaxation. The traditional way to consume cannabis hash is oral ingestion. However, the common forms of intake include smoking it through rolled joints, blunts, bongs, and pipes. 

Moreover, using hash in edibles provides more flavorful options as compared to eating it raw, and is considered to be the preferred way of consumption. The smoke from hash is also much thicker than that of steam and has a much stronger effect than hash oil. 

Here are some common ways in which cannabis hash can be consumed:

Smoking or Dabbing

Certain forms of cannabis hash can be vaporized with heat. The vapors can be inhaled as a form of consumption via a pipe or a dab rig.


Cannabis hash can also be consumed by rolling it up as a joint. People prefer to use it this way for a more potent euphoric sensation. 


For oral consumption, cannabis hash can also be added to beverages or food. 

Types of Hash

Depending on how the trichomes are processed, various types of hash can be produced. Some of the most common ones which are readily available include bubble hash, dry-sift hash, and temple balls. 

Bubble Hash is prepared by mixing ice and water with cannabis buds, and then purifying the resulting liquid to eliminate any plant matter. 

Temple Balls are obtained by heating bubble hash to the point where the terpenes, the compounds responsible for the distinctive cannabis aroma, are released and the cannabinoids are activated. Temple balls are usually soft and easy to roll into joints, which is why they are a public favorite. 

Dry-sift Hash is made through a traditional method of placing the buds on a mesh which is then shaken to force the trichomes to fall off. The trichomes are then collected for dry-sift hash.

Potential Effects of Hash

Potential Benefits of Hash

There are certain potential effects of cannabis hash on a user, some of which are mental relaxation and euphoric pleasure. However, there are medicinal uses of cannabis hash as well. The medical conditions that can be legally treated with medicinal cannabis vary from state to state as per state legislation.

Here are some of the potential benefits of using cannabis hash: 

Cancer Pain

Cannabis hash may help in mitigating cancer pain. Patients undergoing chemotherapy are suggested to consume cannabis as it may reduce the pain and the side effects of radiation such as nausea, vomiting, and anxiety.

At the current time, there seems to be little to no evidence regarding medical cannabis being able to hamper or mitigate the growth of cancerous cells.

Aging Symptoms

With age, the human body goes through various changes such as being more sensitive to pain and feeling pain of more varieties. Medical cannabis may help senior individuals deal with such aging symptoms.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain may be considered one of the most justifiable use cases for medical cannabis consumption. Patients suffering from chronic pains have claimed that cannabis hash has proven to be an effective treatment.

Mental Health

Medical cannabis can potentially be used as a therapeutic treatment for people dealing with mental health conditions. Additionally, medical cannabis can also boost certain mental functions such as creativity.


Cannabis products may relieve arthritis pain and have been claimed to possess anti-inflammatory properties. Arthritis patients which have attempted a medical cannabis treatment have reported pain relief and improvement in sleep


Some migraine patients claim to have experienced fewer migraines by using medical cannabis products. However, research suggests that more validation of this hypothesis is required to establish this benefit as a medical fact.

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