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420 Friendly Places in Las Vegas

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Inyo can I get high on the strip

Recreational weed is now legal in over 11 states and it’s leading to a revolution in the cannabis industry.

Not only does legalization allow states to reap the benefits of taxation, but it also opens the doors for dispensaries to get more creative with their offerings and their spaces.

Las Vegas, for example, is no stranger to over-the-top, stunningly exquisite dispensaries. But, that doesn’t mean you can just go out and smoke a joint wherever you want. 

Interested in getting high on the Las Vegas Strip? Here’s everything you need to know about Las Vegas recreational weed.

Can You Buy Weed on the Las Vegas Strip?

Sure, recreational weed is legal in Las Vegas and all throughout Nevada. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to go to a dispensary right next to Caeser’s Palace and light up.

Las Vegas marijuana laws state that you have to be outside of the gaming corridor to have a dispensary.

This gaming corridor extends to about a mile on either side of the Strip. 

This means that while you can smoke in Las Vegas without worrying about cops, you won’t be able to actually purchase weed in Las Vegas if you’re right off the Strip.

That being said you can catch an Uber or Lift to Inyo. We are only minutes from the Strip hotels, including the Mirage and Palazzo.

How Much Marijuana Can Your Purchase in Las Vegas?

Recreational weed in Las Vegas is legal!

This means that most people are going to start viewing it just as they do alcohol when they plan a trip to Vegas. Everybody pools in money to purchase party favors for a weekend on the Strip. 

But, just how much can you purchase at one time?

You can purchase up to an ounce of recreational weed in Las Vegas at one time. Likewise, you can also purchase up to an eighth of an ounce of oils, wax, crumble and other concentrates.

Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Vegas?

Technically, no you can’t smoke weed in public on the Las Vegas Strip, or anywhere in Nevada for that matter.

Las Vegas marijuana users will need to stick to only consuming marijuana in a private residence.

You also aren’t allowed to consume marijuana products in lounges or public spaces such as a dispensary. Dispensaries are only for purchasing cannabis products and accessories.

This is what makes edibles so popular with tourists. You can go to a Las Vegas recreational dispensary to purchase an edible or other smokeless cannabis products, ingest it in private, and then head out to enjoy the Strip.

Due to the high fees, you’ll pay for smoking in a hotel room or getting caught lighting up in the middle of the street, it’s best to stick to these smokeless methods if you plan on getting high in Vegas.

However, Las Vegas is in talks to begin creating and establishing marijuana lounges where you’ll be able to smoke comfortably in a “private” space.

Recent strides were made in May regarding the opening of cannabis lounges.

This is similar to how countries such as Spain handle their marijuana laws.

They operate spaces that are “cannabis clubs” in which you join a private social club, pay dues, and in exchange, you can stay and enjoy the space while you also enjoy your cannabis.

If all goes well, then this is similar to what Las Vegas recreational marijuana consumers can hope to expect in the near future. Until then, however, you’ll need to keep your consumption private.

Understanding the Etiquette of Las Vegas Recreational Weed

If you know where to purchase recreational weed as well as where you are and aren’t allowed to consume it, then the etiquette surrounding marijuana in Vegas is similar to other substances.

Make sure that you’re respectful of other people’s space around you and don’t smoke around people if they ask you not to.

This includes avoiding smoking in public places as much as possible. Not only is it illegal to consume cannabis in public places in Nevada, but it’s also illegal to smoke anything in certain public places in general.

Be mindful of how much you’re consuming and try to go at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

This means ensuring that you don’t opt for the strongest edible in the dispensary if it’s your first time-consuming weed.

Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the experience. Legal recreational weed is a great thing for the state of Nevada and the tourists who choose to visit. 

If you’re responsible about how you consume cannabis while you’re in Las Vegas, then lawmakers will see that it’s something that people can handle responsibly. 

That means they’re more likely to open up those cannabis lounges we were talking about, and that’s great for everybody!

Where to Get Top-Notch Weed in Las Vegas

So, you’ve read up on all the Las Vegas recreational weed laws, regulations, and suggestions. And, you feel ready to visit the Strip and enjoy legal marijuana.

Now, all you need to figure out is where to get top-notch weed.

Here at Inyo, we pride ourselves on being the best Las Vegas Dispensary. We believe we that we are due to our excellent service, friendly budtenders, and of course our top-notch product.

So go ahead, browse our menu to take a look at what we have to offer. Then, pay us a visit when you’re in Las Vegas. 

If you’re already in the area, then enjoy the ease of ordering online!

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