The 10 Best Things to Do While High

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Group of teenager having fun

Group of teenager having fun

We’ve all been there before. Come home from work. Fire up the vape pen. Order a pizza and flip on the tube. Spend the next five hours lost in infomercials and wake up the next morning wondering what you did the night before.

While it’s true that 40 percent of people use weed to help them relax, there’s more to getting high than just chilling out on the couch for hours. In fact, there’s a whole world out there just waiting for you to explore it. If you’re out of ideas, then we’ve got the perfect list of things to do while high.

Check out these 10 great ideas below!

Top 10 Things to Do While High

The most important quality to keep in mind when searching for something to do while you’re high is enjoyment. Think about what brings you pleasure the most, like music or nature, and build on it.

1. Nature Walk

There’s something restorative about exploring nature when you’re high. If being surrounded by cool blades of grass, lush trees, the smell of the earth, and a balmy breeze is your idea of paradise, then imagine how amazing it will feel with a cannabis buzz.

Love flowers, birds, and plants? Grab a book and start searching for them while on your walk. Or climb a tree and relax for a few with your newfound view. There are tons of great activities to do on a nature walk, so think about what would bring you the most joy and go for it! Pro tip: bring along a portable tree hammock for the ultimate nap spot.

2. Live Music

One of the most classic things to do while high is to listen to music. Every single note, guitar riff, and stroke of the piano key seems to sound so much better, doesn’t it? Using cannabis amplifies your listening experience and makes you feel connected to the music – all while stimulating your brain’s sense of pleasure.

So why limit listening to a top 10 list of songs in the confines of your home when you can see a live band instead? Not only will you get to hear the magic, but you’ll get to see and feel it, too! Talk about a sensory symphony!

3. Amusement Park

No matter how you look at it, amusement parks are there for people to have fun. Which is why there’s no better place to roam while you’re high than an amusement park. Play some games, ride a roller coaster, eat some funnel cakes and pizza, chat up a supersized cartoon character… you get the gist, right?

4. Binge Watch a Series

One of the easiest ways to relax and enjoy your buzz is to zone out and watch television. But flipping through channels and searching for something interesting can be a chore. Instead of being trapped in an endless loop of channel surfing, pick a series you’ve always wanted to watch and see it through.

With tons of options out there like Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, or American Horror Story, it’s tough to decide. So ask a few friends for recommendations and fire up the Netflix. That way you’ll have something solid on standby for when that storm front blows into town.

5. Make Art

You don’t have to be an artist to let your creativity flow. In fact, a little help from your high can open your mind up to endless creative possibilities. Make sure to already have some supplies on hand to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Paint a canvas in the image of your dog. Take black and white photos of fruit. Make beads out of polymer clay. It’s up to you to explore what inspires the inner artist inside of you.

6. Comedy Show

If you love comedy, then there’s never a better time to see a live comedy show than when you’re high. Every joke, story, and one-liner will be even more hilarious with a little cannabis in your system. It’s best to go with a big group of friends to get the full-on experience, so grab your favorite BFFs.

The health benefits of laughter are pretty impressive as well. Research says those feel-good giggles help lower stress hormones while releasing endorphins. It also helps strengthen your immunity and decreases pain. As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

7. Stargazing

There’s something so awe-inspiring about searching for glimmering stars and planets in the night sky. And doing this while you’re high adds to the magic of it all. One way to get the full-on galaxy contact high is to visit your local planetarium for a tour or organized event.

Seeing Jupiter or the moon through a telescope is a breathtaking experience, so plan to have your mind blown. Or if you’re more of a backyard astronomer, that’s great too! Grab a comfy blanket, open your Google Sky app to help you locate constellations and planets, and lose yourself in the moment.

8. Museum

Another great thing about cannabis? It lets you get completely immersed in whatever you’re doing. That’s why visiting a museum needs to be at the top of your list of things to do while high. Whether it’s seeing a Picasso oil painting or a collection of Egyptian artifacts, as long as it piques your interest, that’s all that matters.

Wander through the exhibition at your own pace or tag along on a tour. Put on your headsets with your favorite tunes to enhance the experience even more.

9. Camping

Most nature lovers agree that camping is one of the ultimate things to do while high. Enjoy leaving the city life behind while you breathe in that fresh air, hike some trails, ride your mountain bike, and be at one with nature.

Every sense is heightened and every experience is enhanced during a cannabis-infused camping trip. Imagine roasting marshmallows by the campfire or taking in the beauty of watching the sunrise. Camping is a foolproof way to restore your soul and revive your outlook on life.

10. Cooking

We saved the best for last because who doesn’t like to eat when they’re high? Cooking and making something delicious to eat is the ultimate gratifying cannabis experience. One way to get inspired to cook is to have some tasty recipes on hand.

If you’re feeling adventurous, go with an international theme like Indian or Ethiopian food. Or create a charcuterie plate filled with all of your favorite locally made cheeses and meats. Invite friends over for an impromptu potluck and hang out just because.

Looking for the Perfect Weed to Go with Your Activity?

We’ve got you covered. Now that you’ve got a bucket list of things to do while high, we hope you contact us and let us help you pick the perfect strain to match your activity.

We think our quality selection and helpful associates are the ideal combinations of a satisfying experience here at Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary.

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