Inspiring Short Film of Our In-store Artist, BMeezy

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Local Las Vegas artist BMeezy has cannabis, and the cannabis industry, to thank for much of his success. His story, the subject of our new short film documentary, is a truly inspiring one. By exhibiting his art on the walls of Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary, he has been able to rescue his family from poverty. This exposure has given him new fans, new paying customers, and he is now making more money as an artist than ever before.

For BMeezy, (real name Brian Nunley), childhood in North Las Vegas was filled with tragedy. After the loss of his mother when he was only 16, BMeezy clawed his way out of a life of gang violence and vandalism by channeling his art into his custom T-Shirt design business. But by 2016, he was once again homeless and out of work.

This is when he was introduced to David Goldwater, co-owner of Inyo. Goldwater wanted to exhibit the work of local artists, and B was a perfect fit. Response for BMeezy’s works was immediate and enthusiastic. His art now sells for as high as $7,500 dollars, and Goldwater is adamant that the artist should keep every penny. “We want B to be as successful as he could possibly be,” he says, “so I want him to keep it all.” Goldwater hopes that B’s story will help de-stigmatize his growing industry. “Policymakers and neighbors should know that we are good community partners,” states Goldwater. “We truly care about the neighborhoods in which we live and work.”

“I’d like to thank the guys at Inyo,” Nunley says in the documentary. “They changed my life. They saw something in me that I didn’t see myself, and that’s a blessing.”

See more of BMeezy’s current artwork by visiting his Instagram.

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