Get High & Laid: Marijuana & Sex Connection

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Marijuana and sex

Marijuana and sex

Many weed users might have noticed the substance’s effects on their sex lives. However, determining the connection needs scientific evidence. We need an explanation of why it seems to improve the experience.

Many studies have already explored this area. They have 1 thing in common: the goal to establish a clear connection between marijuana and sex drive. Although we need to study it further, we have already found numerous links between them.

With that said, does weed and sex drive have a positive connection? Is it safe for you to be taking it as an aphrodisiac? Find out more about the link between the 2 below.

1. Link Between Marijuana and Sex Drive

Before a study found the direct connection between marijuana and libido, there were already many theories about it. For instance, professionals noted the lack of inhibition under the influence of weed. This may contribute to a higher sex drive as we’re more vulnerable to sensations.

Many also noted that the endocannabinoid system regulates pleasure among other sensation. With weed, a person may have heightened arousal and sex can become more enjoyable for him/her. As marijuana has a calming effect, this could explain why it improves a person’s sexuality.

A recent study, however, gave more light into the exact effects of marijuana on our libido. The research involved 28,176 women and 22,493 men in the whole country. This makes it one of the largest studies to explore the connection.

The study, published in the Journal of Sex Medicine, sought to find the link between marijuana usage and the frequency of sex. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) conducted the survey and handed out the questionnaires to the participants.

From the results, the researchers found that those who use marijuana have 20% more sex than those who don’t. In conclusion, the researchers found a positive association between weed and sexual frequency across all demographic groups and in both men and women.

Another study conducted with 133 active adult women also found a high correlation between marijuana and sex drive. Of the 133 interviewed, 38 women said they consumed cannabis prior to the act. Of these 38 women, 68% said they had more pleasurable sex.

The team behind this study later widened their scope to 289 women. Of these new participants, 65% said that weed enhanced their sex experience.

2. Can Marijuana Impair Sexual Function?

It wasn’t long ago when marijuana became legal, but the population has not seen a major alcohol ban for decades. This means alcohol is the most common substance taken before sex, but this may be a bad idea.

It’s a common knowledge that alcohol has a negative effect on the body’s sexual response. Both personal anecdotes and research studies acknowledge that it can cause lower libido, erectile dysfunction, and even premature ejaculation.

This brings us to the question, does marijuana have the same effects, seeing as many consider it a drug?

According to the consensus, weed doesn’t impair sexual functions as much as alcohol. If it has any negative effects, those are minimal and may be due to the body’s response to the substance. So far, users and studies are finding more sex enhancements characteristics on weed than negative effects.

Furthermore, weed should be safer than alcohol, in general, reducing accidents and other risks prior, during, and after the sexual act. For this reason, it can be better than alcohol if you were to take a substance before sex. A plus is that it will improve the experience, as well.

3. How Much Marijuana to Take for Sex Enhancement?

Improving your sex life is a nice effect of marijuana, but how much do you have to take for you to feel this effect? Well, that depends on you as each person has different reactions to different doses. One may need a big dose to feel the effects, for example, but another may only need half as much to feel the same effects.

If you have no idea about your tolerance to marijuana yet, you’ll have to start small and increase from there. Note that it may take some time for the body to feel its effects. This means you should wait for about an hour or more before you take another dose.

The choice of delivery also matters as some products may deliver a stronger hit per dose. Marijuana edibles, for instance, are notorious amongst first-timers as being too strong. The reason could be that it’s easy to overshoot with edibles, especially if they don’t wait in-between taking another bite.

Smoking or vaping is ideal for those starting out with the drug. You can then adjust how much you smoke or the percentage of marijuana in the vape oil later on.

Take note, as well, that moderate amounts of cannabis may work better. People experience better sex on moderate amounts rather than on high amounts. The latter may even cause the opposite of what you want to feel and achieve.

4. Is It Legal to Use Marijuana for Enhancing Sex?

This would depend on the laws of your state, as there are only a few that allows it for recreational use. In most states, you’ll need a prescription from a doctor to be able to buy from the pharmacy. This means you must have a valid reason to get some, like a medical condition and for pain relief.

Sex therapists may not even prescribe it for those who only want to use it for this purpose. Many CBD products are legal, though, and many cannabis-based sex products contain CBD.

Check with your state before buying to ensure you won’t have any issues with the law.

Where to Buy Weed for Sexual Enhancement?

Although you can find weed products with a specific purpose of enhancing sex, taking marijuana in whatever form you can get it will help. This means you can buy any weed in dispensaries to try its effects on your sex life.

Don’t stop here. Discover more about the ties between marijuana and sex, right here. If you need any help in choosing, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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