Your Guide to Las Vegas Marijuana Laws

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Las Vegas marijuana laws

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…right? The strip clubs, the money you don’t have that you just bet in blackjack, or that cutie in the yellow one piece from yesterday’s Rehab pool party.

Jessica…or was it Lauren? Don’t worry, your girlfriend Ashley doesn’t need to know because it stays in Vegas!

So what happens if you buy the now-legal recreational marijuana in the city of sin? Does it have to stay in Vegas too? Here are all the answers to all of your questions about Las Vegas Dispensary marijuana laws.

So, what is the law exactly?

In 2016’s November election, Nevada became the first of four states to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana, making dispensaries open for business to the public. Meaning if you are in Nevada, you no longer have to pay a “doctor” to write you up a marijuana prescription because you “have trouble sleeping.”

All you need is a valid ID proving you’re 21 years of age, and you can buy weed, just for fun. Just like buying a handle of vodka or a six pack of beer. Which is great, because what’s more fun than being high out of your mind in Las Vegas?

Nothing. Actually nothing.

As of now, recreational marijuana is legal in nine states and Washington D.C. In addition to Nevada, it is also legal to get recreationally high in Washington, California, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine.

Can I buy weed for a friend?

Technically yes, but there are some obstacles. Just because marijuana is legal in the state of Nevada, doesn’t mean you go to Nevada to buy weed for all of your friends and take it back to your home state where weed isn’t legal for recreational use, like let’s say Texas, where Mary Jane is fully illegal.

Per dispensary visit, adults can buy up to one ounce of marijuana flower, or up to one-eighth of concentrates like edibles, oil, or other marijuana products. And while that may seem like a lot of cannabis, you might feel a little limited once you see how many marijuana products there are available.

Dispensaries carry everything from any weed candy or sweet imaginable to raw vegan gluten-free products. You’ll easily want a marijuana souvenir for all of your loved ones.

Is it legal to travel with weed?

It is technically illegal to cross the Nevada state line with marijuana you bought to its neighboring state Utah, where it’s illegal.

Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom, who played an active role in setting up medical marijuana establishments in 2013, did say that once you’re in Nevada police can’t ask you where you purchased your weed. It’s also very unlikely that you would be questioned by the police about your weed, especially if you have less than the legal amount.

Will the TSA take my marijuana?

Maybe. Remember, marijuana is still illegal under federal law, like many other drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines. But luckily, the Transportation Security Administration isn’t on the hunt for travelers with marijuana in their carry-ons.

This is because the plant is, “not a threat to aviation security,” according to a TSA spokesperson Nico Melendez. Whereas that non-TSA approved bottle of shampoo you’re trying to smuggle will still get confiscated. If the TSA does find marijuana on a passenger, they will let the police know, but they’re not on the hunt for it.

Can I drive high?

The law here is similar to alcohol. You’re not supposed to and you easily put other people’s lives in danger when you do drive under the influence. But a cop isn’t going to pull you over unless they suspect you’re impaired.

So don’t drive your car into a fast food restaurant because you’re so high and needed a quarter pounder ASAP.

Unlike alcohol, a breathalyzer can’t measure your marijuana levels. But remember, edibles do sneak up on you, and people often take more than they should, so please be careful. Also, who’s driving in Vegas, anyway? Uber, Baby!

Can I get lit on the strip?

You can drink on the strip, and while nothing sounds better than lighting up under those neon lights, legally you can’t get high in public in Vegas. That includes parks, campgrounds, national forests, bars, coffee shops, casino hotels and even the dispensary where you purchase your weed.

Technically you’re only supposed to get high in a private residence, which could be problematic to the 45 million tourists that visit Sin City each year. Senator Segerblom is hoping that these laws will be lightly enforced, and it already looks like it, as it hasn’t seemed to stopped tourists from getting high in their hotel rooms.

What about Edibles?

Most edibles are so discreet these days, that no one is going to know if you’re eating a gummy bear or a weed gummy. What is not as discreet, is when you take too many edibles and are stoned out of your mind doing the backstroke in a public fountain. So yes, you can technically take edibles in public, just be chill.

Are dispensaries open 24 a day like the rest of Vegas?

While there are some dispensaries in Nevada that are open 24 hours a day. Most are required to close for a few hours a day, typically from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM.

Can I get fired for getting high?

It seems like the days of getting a drug tested for marijuana for a job are numbered. But this decision is still entirely up to your boss. Federal law still allows employers to fire employees for using weed. And it can take up to a month for marijuana to leave your system, just an FYI.

How do I get a job at a dispensary?

Seems like a dream job, right? Working at a dispensary can be as simple as going to your local dispensary and asking in person or checking their website.

There’s also now marijuana industry job websites or the Linkedin for weed like and Do note, that the state of Nevada requires a background check for all job applicants, and those with a criminal record will not be hired to work at a dispensary.

If you are in the Vegas area, be sure to check out the Inyo Dispensary.

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