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When Nevada legalized recreational marijuana in July of 2017, people bought so much pot within the first two weeks that the Governor issued a State of Emergency – not because everyone was all hopped up on the devil’s lettuce, but because Nevada would have run out of weed within the month.

Happily, this problem (which was due to a legal snafu which allowed dispensaries to sell, but not to restock) was resolved, and Nevada has found incredible success with the latest legal vice, especially in the form of marijuana edibles.

But let’s face it – if it’s reefer madness you’re after, the obvious choice is Sin City.

We’ve got your complete Vegas guide to marijuana edibles, along with some information on why it’s more fun to eat your greens (and some awesome things to do afterward):

What Are Edibles?

Marijuana consumption has rapidly evolved over the last several years, and the legalization of pot has led to some pretty awesome alternatives to lighting up.

Edibles are simply food products which have been infused with THC.

They have been around for a long time (we all know a story about someone who went a little overboard on the brownies), but with recreational use becoming more and more commonplace, it’s given manufacturers plenty of free time to dream up new and delicious ways to have a laugh.

With everything from lozenges to lollipops, butter to bonbons, chocolate bars to chewing gum and everything in between to choose from, it begs the question:

Why eat it in the first place?

Safer Than Smoking

Let’s face it – smoke is smelly, ashes are messy.

For many folks, the negative health risks associated with smoking just aren’t worth the gamble.

It turns out that marijuana edibles are fast becoming the go-to method to enjoy pot. In fact, everywhere that cannabis has been legalized, people prefer edibles over all other methods.

Another issue with smoking marijuana is the restriction placed on the act of smoking it.

In Las Vegas, it is illegal to light up in public, and yes, that includes hotel rooms and casinos as well.

While you can take your alcohol anywhere you please in Sin City, smoking pot outside of a private residence comes with a $600 fine for a first-time offense.

Of course, smoking pot is fine for those who prefer it, but health and legal ramifications aside, it isn’t the most precise way to get high, either.

Precise Dosage

Not everyone is familiar with the differences between sativa and indica, let alone the plethora of hybrid creations out there.

If you’re new to edibles or marijuana in general, it’s hard to know where to start; if you’re a seasoned eater, you want to make sure that you’re getting the right bang for your buck.

Since marijuana edibles are not only strain-specific but are dosage-controlled as well, there’s something for everyone.

This is particularly excellent news for the trepidatious first-timer who doesn’t want to become one with the couch.

The specifics of edibles aren’t just a boon to people who want to customize their high, either.

For those who are looking to treat a specific ailment or complaint, marijuana edibles are a far more reliable way to tailor their intake.

Superior Experience

Marijuana edibles don’t just taste and smell better – they feel better.

Since the body converts cannabis into a different form of THC when you eat it vs smoking it, the effects of the cannabis are distributed more evenly throughout the body and last much longer.

The sensations are described as much more peaceful and euphoric, without the burn-out that sometimes comes after smoking.

Where To Buy Marijuana Edibles

The number of dispensaries has exploded in Nevada, and Las Vegas is no exception.

But just as you wouldn’t go to a gas station for a fine wine, be choosy when it comes to buying your edibles as well.

The budtenders should be friendly and eager to help – if they seem rushed or can’t be bothered with questions about products, feel free to move on. You aren’t obligated to make a purchase just because you’re there.

The same goes for selection as well. If you don’t see anything that appeals to you, try the next dispensary.

Some dispensaries will even save you a trip and deliver your weed to you!

Yes, you read that right. This is especially helpful since driving under the influence of marijuana is, of course, illegal.

Fun Stuff To Do When You’re High

Here’s a short list of things and places to check out after you’ve eaten your edibles:

  • Watch the fountains at the Bellagio – these mesmerizing waterworks go off in front of the hotel every fifteen minutes, between 8 pm and midnight. They combine lighting and music, and the choreographed jets shoot water over 400 feet into the air.
  • Cirque Du Soleil – with a number of rotating shows featuring various themes and music, incredible acrobatics, stunning music and outrageous costumes, Cirque Du Soleil will totally blow your mind.
  • Walk the Miracle Mile – this shopping strip has a section inside where the ceiling is painted to look like the sky, and the shops have roofs as well. It’s a trip.
  • Fremont Street – Feeling high and brave? They’ve got a zip line ride. And a Zombie pub crawl. ‘Nuff said.
  • Red Rock Canyon Natural Conservation Area – who says your edible experience needs to be on the Strip? Sometimes it’s nice to just take in the beauty of the natural world. There are 23 different trails to choose from depending on your skill level. Just don’t get too ambitious with the hiking, and watch the time. Stoners don’t fare well when lost in the desert.

Some Notes on Nevada Cannabis Laws

It may be the city of sin, but Vegas has its rules too.

Here are a few common sense things you need to keep in mind:

  1. As we mentioned before, it is illegal to smoke marijuana outside of a private residence or beyond the porch or yard, and smoking is prohibited in casinos, bars, restaurants, parks, concerts and on U.S. property (which includes federally subsidized housing).
  2. You must be at least 21 years of age to enter a dispensary or purchase any form of cannabis (up to one ounce of flowers or 3.5 grams of concentrate).
  3. Driving while under the influence of cannabis is prohibited – don’t do it!

We want you to have a truly memorable edible experience in Las Vegas! Check out our full list of products here.

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