Then and Now: Las Vegas, Home to The Best

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Air view of Las Vegas

One of the oft-quoted phrases about Las Vegas is that change is the only constant about the city is change. This is certainly true when you look at The City of Lights and how it has transformed over the years. In the 1990s, famous spots such as The Sahara, Sands, Hacienda, and StarDust have all gone. In their stead are new entertainment centers with state-of-the-art equipment.

There have been changes as well to the entertainment scene itself. New forms of gambling have come up, and gaming has become a big thing. Today, many gaming centers all across the city promise people a night of fun, video gaming immersion, and much more. In this article, we look at some of the changes occurring across this city.



For decades, Caesars Palace set the standards on the Strip regarding dining. The hotel featured numerous restaurants, including a snack bar called Noshorium or Nosh in short. Over the decades, the diversity of restaurants on the strip has continued to grow. Today, you can find all kinds of eateries with cuisines from around the world.

Even though many of these restaurants (like all other places) took a beating from the pandemic, this is likely to be just a speed bump in the growth trajectory of the restaurant scene in Vegas. Even though Caesars Palace is now gone, the spirit of fine dining and culinary adventure set in the sixties lives on.



In the past, casinos were all about gambling, with everything else being a sideshow. For example, even though most large casinos operated hotels, bars, and restaurants, the slot machines and tables were the enterprises’ crown jewels. Gambling accounted for the most significant percentage of income for any casino. Today that has been steadily changing thanks to a myriad of factors. Many casinos now earn just as much, if not more, from the ‘sideshows’ as they do from the gambling activities.

Regarding gambling, the trend has seen the house win more from players than the other way around. Table games are also rapidly disappearing, replaced by 6:5 blackjack and triple zero roulette. On average, slot machines occupy more casino floors than just a few decades ago. Lastly, it used to be expected for players to get a complimentary drink once they started playing. This is getting rare across the strip as casinos work to cut down costs.


Football Team

The City of Las Vegas has a long history with football teams. From the relatively unsuccessful Las Vegas Cowboys who dominated the football scene only to fade away into obscurity. The last decade or so has shown a little more promise with the debut of two football teams, the Locomotives, and the Gladiators. More recently, the relocation of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas promises exciting times for football in Las Vegas.



Las Vegas has always been a great entertainment destination for Americans. The city has been known to attract some of the biggest names in the music industry since the fifties. Names such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and many others are forever linked to spectacular shows in Vegas. While this has carried on into the modern era, there certainly have been some changes. While there are still big-name performers, there is also the profusion of smaller, more niched performers. The pandemic years have also taken their toll on the strip, but the city is expected to recover pretty quickly.



For many decades, Las Vegas was the center of conventions in the United States and globally. Hundreds of thousands of people came to learn, share experiences, and later have some fun at the strip. This trend has not changed much in the last few years due to the pandemic. Many of these conventions have moved online, although this is expected to revert to normal as the pandemic fades away.


Cannabis Dispensaries

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