10 Best Marijuana Strains of 2019

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Inyo best cannabis strains of 2019

The new year is right around the corner! We are looking forward to 2020, but before we jump ahead we want to give some love to 2019. Have you been wondering what the best marijuana strains of 2019 are? 

There are so many options to choose from. But there are definitely some strains that deserve the spotlight! Here, we’ll discuss some favorites from each variety: indica, sativa, and hybrid.

Keep reading to read about the best marijuana strains of 2019!

Best Marijuana Strains: Indica

Indicas, associated with their full-body effects, encourage deep relaxation and even reduce insomnia. They leave you with a feel-good sensation throughout the body, allowing one to mellow out a bit.

Choose one of these if you want to hang out on the couch and chill.

1. Purple Wookie

Talk about a classic. Purple Wookie by GLP is a purple, chunky beauty that only requires a few hits to feel. Your brain will instantly cloud over in a haze of relaxation. If you’re experiencing any type of pain, anxiety, or stress, let Purple Wookie work its magic on you.

2. Banana OG 

This strain, which smells and tastes like an overripe banana, is a cross between OG Kush and Banana.

It’s a true “creeper,” too. That means you’ll hit it once or twice without an immediate onset. . . but just wait. Before you know it, you’ll either be intensely hungry or passed out in bed.

3. Northern Lights

This strain is arguably one of the more classic and well-known on the cannabis market. Its strong indica identity makes it perfect for those with muscle pain or an overactive mind.

This resinous strain is perfect for those times you want to feel great with only a rip or two.

4. 9 Pound Hammer

Want to feel like you just got hit with a nine-pound hammer? Trust us, it’s better than it sounds!

Prepare to feel more than a little couch-locked after smoking this awesome strain of indica. This 80% indica-forward strain will leave you feeling as funky (in a good way!) as it tastes and smells.

Best Marijuana Strains: Sativa

Known for an invigorating, energizing “head high,” sativas are great for when you need a pick-me-up. They’re known to improve creativity and focus while reducing the stunting anxiety and stress we all too often feel.

Choose one of these strains if you’re about to head to a concert or party — or just an epic brainstorming session with friends.

5. Durban Poison 

This spicy, citrusy sativa is wonderful for those moments when you want (or need) to get some things done! It’s incredibly uplifting and mentally stimulating, leaving users with a ton of energy. Prepare to be productive and creative after having a taste of Durban Poison!

6. Green Crack

Rumor has it that Snoop Dogg “changed” the name of this strain from its original to its current, Green Crack. Because of how up-itty it left him, he joked that it was like Green Crack — and despite the connotation, we tend to agree!

That’s why sativas are great — they allow you to get things done without any harmful after-effects. This hilariously-named strain will get you there.

7. Sour Diesel

Another classic name in the book of Cannabis!

Sour Diesel is a go-to for many a smoker, not only for its crispy, diesel-like aroma, but for its feel-good effects, too. Expect some super heady, cerebral feelings after partaking in this strain. In only a few hits, you can anticipate relief from stress, pain, and sadness.

8. Jack Herer

This citrus-forward, earthy sativa is well-known in the world of cannabis — and not only for its namesake. Known for being particularly strong, its orange and lemony flavors are a tad misleading. Don’t let its light, crisp flavor fool you!

The Best Hybrids

Now that you have a better idea of what indica and sativa strains are, you can imagine the perfect harmony of a hybrid! For those moments when you’re not sure what you want to feel — or don’t really care — try one of these two strains.

9. Head Cheese

This wonderful hybrid is perfectly potent and tasty. Don’t let the name turn you off! Head Cheese is a hybrid of Headband, an epic hybrid of its own right, and UK Cheese. 

Expect aromas of floral mixed with funky, giving you the best of both worlds. This hybrid is perfect for someone who can’t get enough of either smell (or flavor).

10. Blue Dream

Keep it classic with the sativa-dominant hybrid Blue Dream.

You’ve heard of this strain before, as it’s been a popular, potent option since the beginning of time. 

This sweet strain smokes well for both newbies and connoisseurs. That’s why dispensaries everywhere keep it in stock.

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

These are some of the best marijuana strains out there in 2019 and often found at Inyo Las Vegas Dispensary. But creative growers are continuously creating new ones. This leaves aficionados with a plethora of options.

Whether you’re trying to wind down or get hype, you’ve got choices.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry — that’s what your friendly neighborhood Inyo budtenders are for! 

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