What Is a Nectar Collector & How Do You Use It?

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Nectar collectors have become increasingly popular as an efficient way to enjoy concentrates. Many enthusiasts prefer this tool due to its simplicity and portability. In this blog, we will explore the concept of a nectar collector and provide guidance on its usage.


Understanding the Nectar Collector

A nectar collector, sometimes referred to as a dab straw or honey straw, is a device specifically designed for consuming cannabis concentrates. It typically comprises three components: the tip, the body or neck, and the mouthpiece. The collector’s tip is commonly made of glass or titanium, while other parts of the device can be constructed from materials like quartz or silicone.

How Does a Nectar Collector Function?

Operating a nectar collector requires precision in heating the tip to the optimal temperature for vaporizing concentrates. Gently touching the heated tip to your chosen concentrate, you initiate the vaporization process. Subsequently, drawing the vapor through the device’s neck and inhaling through the mouthpiece delivers a direct pathway to your lungs. 


Steps for Using a Nectar Collector

To set up and use your nectar collector effectively, gather these supplies beforehand:

  1. A heat source like a torch or e-nail.
  2. Essential items for enjoying your cannabis concentrate:

   – A silicone container or dish for holding your concentrate.

   – A dabbing pick for handling the concentrates.

   – Water (if required) for percolation in certain models.

Now, let’s walk through the steps to ensure smooth preparation and use of your nectar collector:

Prepare Your Concentrate

Using the dab tool or pick, scoop up an amount of concentrate from the container or dish. Make sure not to touch anything with your fingers that could contaminate your extract.

Check Water Levels (If Needed)

If your nectar collector has percolation capabilities, check if it requires water before proceeding. Some models have reservoirs that help cool down and filter the vapor.

Heat Up the Tip

Using a torch or e-nail, apply heat to the tip of your nectar collector. Move the heat source in a circular motion around the tip for heating. Be cautious not to overheat and risk burning your concentrates based on your desired temperature.

Start Dabbing

Once you’ve heated the tip and achieved the desired temperature, slowly touch it to your cannabis concentrate while inhaling through the mouthpiece. The heat vaporizes the concentrate, allowing you to inhale potent vapor.

Storing Your Nectar Collector Properly

After you’ve finished using your nectar collector, it’s important to give it a cleaning before storing it away. Accumulated residue can impact sessions, leading to bad tastes or blockages.


Tips for Using a Nectar Collector Effectively

Start with small amounts 

If you’re new to dabbing or trying a concentrate for the first time, begin with smaller doses and gradually increase as you get more comfortable.

Discover your temperature 

Experiment with heating techniques and temperatures to find the setting that suits your preferences.

Maintain regular cleaning 

Regularly cleaning your nectar collector ensures optimal performance and enhances the overall taste of your experience.

Be cautious of hot tips 

Keep in mind that the tip becomes extremely hot when using a torch, so handle or clean it carefully immediately after use.

Different Types of Nectar Collectors

When it comes to nectar collectors, there are many options, each with its own unique features and advantages. Here are some common types of nectar collectors that you might encounter:

Traditional Nectar Collectors 

These nectar collectors consist of glass body tips made from quartz or titanium and a mouthpiece. Loved by dab enthusiasts for their simplicity and durability, these designs are user-friendly.

Silicone Nectar Collectors 

Silicone nectar collectors have become quite popular due to their durability and portability. Unlike glass collectors, silicone ones can be easily transported without the worry of them breaking. 

Electric Nectar Collectors 

Electric nectar collectors, also known as e-nails or electronic straws, eliminate the need for a torch or flame. They have a built-in heating element that allows you to set your desired temperature using buttons or a digital display. With temperature control, electric nectar collectors offer vaporization without the hassle of separate heating elements.


A nectar collector provides a convenient way to enjoy concentrates by delivering flavorful vapor while still being portable. There are various types available in today’s market, ranging from traditional glass designs to innovative electric models catering to every enthusiast’s preferences. By following usage techniques and understanding how to effectively clean and maintain your collector, you can ensure enjoyable dabbing sessions time after time.

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