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The mission of Alternative Medicine Association is to provide medical patients and recreational users with an exceptional, potent, and consistently high-quality cannabis experience.

They have harnessed their expertise in cultivating craft cannabis and expanded it into large-scale cultivation and extraction to cater to the diverse needs of their consumers

AMA’s Products



(60-80% THC)

High in terpene content, badders are whipped into a cookie dough or cake like batter consistency. These types of extracts include Live & Cured resins and are typically smooth, shiny and sticky to the touch. AMA’s golden/blond badders are made from high quality input material grown in our gardens.


(60-80% THC)

Crumble is cooked in low heat at a precise temperature for a long period to create a dry form of concentrate. Crumble is then whipped to create the desired light, fluffy, honeycomb crumbly texture. The consistency is aerated like our badder but with slightly less terpene content.


(65-90% THC)

Terp Diamonds are created from fresh frozenplant material. THCA is isolated from the extract to create large crystals. A higher terpene fraction is then drizzled over the top of the crystals resulting in a more flavorful and potent concentrate.


(85-95% THC)

Distillate is considered the purest form of THC available, created by refining cannabis resin and containing only cannabinoids in their final de-carbed state. Terpenes are distilled and reintroduced to provide a strain relevant profile in order to create some of the most effective and delicious vape oil available. Distillate can be added to infused joints to increase their potency.


(70-80% THC)

Full-Extract Cannabis Oil, or full spectrum extract, is extracted by hydrocarbons, ensuring maximum retention of the full cannabinoid profile, terpenes and other valuable compounds. RSO is a high potency cannabis oil typically used for medicinal purposes.


65%-90% THC

One of the most popular cannabis concentrates, sauce is an ultra-refined extract, containing the full range of biomolecules from the cannabis trichome without containing waxes, lipids and fats. AMA’s processes recover all the valuable terpenes and cannabinoids from the trichome.


70%-90% THC

Shatter is one of the original cannabis concentrates in the legal market. Shatter is produced using hydrocarbons like Butane and Propane as solvents. Once the flower is run through the solvent, the solution is poured over a sheet and left to purge – for 96+ hours. This develops a great concentrate consistency, specially desirable for the beginning concentrate user since it is very easy to deal with and breaks apart like rock candy, making it easy to infuse joints or bowls


(60-80% THC)

With a consistency resembling wet sugar, our sugars have a balanced mix of both large and micro THCA crystals, coated with an equal ratio of a high terpene fraction. AMA’s sugar is made from flower that is dried or fresh frozen, designed to lock in flavor.


(85%-95% THC)

Convenient and discrete. AMA pens and cartridges feature all natural, strain specific terpenes for high potency and flavour. AMA products do not contain additives such as MCT oil in its vape oil products.


(85%-95% THC)

They are not only tasty but also super convenient and discrete. These pens allow for big long inhales and pull really well. This is the perfect, portable option for a night on the town or a long summer day by the lake. These pens are solventless and are infused with natural terpenes and flavour!

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Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary is delighted to offer you the opportunity to explore the exceptional products of Alternative Medicine Association (AMA), where a commitment to quality and consistency is at the forefront of their mission.

Now that you’ve had the chance to peruse our wide selection of AMA cannabis offerings and experience the dedication to excellence that defines both Inyo and AMA, it’s time to make your selection and complete your purchase.

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