What is Cannabis Wax and How to Smoke It

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Cannabis Wax

Walking into a dispensary or shopping online, you may notice that cannabis comes in many forms and flavors. There’s cannabis flower, the most understood form, and vape carts, a close second in popularity. But there is also an incredible selection of cannabis concentrates, often called cannabis wax.

But what exactly is cannabis wax and, if you bought some, how would you smoke it? Good questions. The truth is that there are several different ways to enjoy cannabis wax once you understand its nature. Today, we’ll take you on a tour of how to smoke, toke, and vape cannabis wax based on your preferred styles and whatever materials are available to you at the moment.  

What is Cannabis Wax

Cannabis wax is cannabis concentrates that are soft in consistency. Concentrates, usually made with the BHO method, extract the THC and terpene blend from flower while leaving the plant material behind. The process and conditions of the concentration determine the consistency, which determines the name. 

Concentrates that are brittle and glasslike are called Shatter. Concentrates that are soft but crumbly are called budders. But concentrates that are soft and moldable are typically called cannabis wax. These are the easiest to separate and roll into exactly the dose strength and form that you prefer for each method of smoking cannabis wax.

How to Smoke Cannabis Wax

Cannabis wax is typically smoked in a method called “dabbing”, so it is “dabbed”. However, you can enjoy wax in a number of ways, including smoking it infused into cannabis leaf.

Dabbing cannabis wax is done in a dab rig, but you can also dab using a wax pen with a heated coil. If you don’t have a dab rig or a wax pen, you can also smoke wax by laying it over a cannabis flower bowl or into a freshly rolled joint.

How to Dab Wax in a Dab Rig

The first and favored way to dab THC wax is in a dab rig. A dab rig is a water pipe with a unique 90-degree angled stem and a glass cup, called a nail.

Once you have a dab rig, fill the center basin partway with cold water and place ice in the neck to cool the vapor. Then roll a small ball of cannabis wax – as small as you can.

Use a small torch to heat the underside of the nail and an IR thermometer to get the nail up between 500 and 650 degrees F. Then very carefully drop the wad ball into the superheated nail and inhale through the neck/mouthpiece. The wax ball will vaporize and your inhalation will pull the vapor through the side of the nail’s cup, into the water chamber, and up past the ice into your lungs.

How to Vape Cannabis Wax in a Wax Pen

You can also vape cannabis wax in a rebuildable or disposable wax pen. A wax pen uses a heated coil chamber into which you can drop balls of “dab” – in this case small balls of your cannabis wax.

Start with a clean wax pen and fire the elements to make sure your coils are working. When the elements are cool, drop in your wax ball, then close the mouthpiece over the top of the pen chamber. Fire the button to heat the elements and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece of the dab pen.

It’s important to note that wax pen elements are disposable because the elements wear out – and wear out faster when frequently covered in sticky dabs. However, you can swap out the coils and keep the battery instead of going through endless disposable wax pens as whole pieces.

How to Smoke Cannabis Wax in a Leaf Bowl

Of course, if you don’t have a dab rig or a wax pen, you can still smoke your wax using normal cannabis leaf in a pipe or joint. First, let’s talk about smoking wax in infused cannabis bowls.

Whether you have a spoon pipe, a one-hitter, or a bubbler, you can add a little THC wax to the top of any cannabis bowl. First, load your green bowl the way you normally would. Next, take a tiny ball of cannabis wax and place it right on top. 

When you fire the bowl, gently touch the flame to the top of the green and the wax at the same time. You will see the wax melt into the green, which will infuse the entire bowl with a much stronger hit, plus the flavor and terpene blend of your wax.

How to Infuse a Joint with Cannabis Wax

There are two methods to infuse cannabis wax into a rolled joint. One method is to roll a long, thin strand of wax and lay it over the top of your flower before you roll it into the joint paper. This will distribute wax down your joint, but it also risks creating a “runner” (where the paper burns unevenly on one side) unless the wax line is fully embedded in the rolled flower.

The second method is to place a cannabis wax ball at the tip of your joint. This will have a similar effect as an infused bowl. When you smoke the wax at the tip and pull the smoke through, the THC wax will melt and infuse the entire end of your cannabis flower joint one or two inches deep. This will help your wax-infused joint to burn evenly and strengthen the power of the first inch or two of flower.

Discover Your Favorite Way to Smoke Wax with Inyo Las Vegas

At the Inyo Las Vegas Dispensary, we can help you find your favorite flavor and consistency of cannabis wax and offer more than a few tips on how to enjoy it. Need a dab rig or a disposable wax pen? Want to try your own infused bowls or joints? We can help you get started exploring cannabis wax or help you to refine your tastes based on what you’ve already tried. Our knowledgeable budtenders are always ready to provide tips, answers, and share the best of our inventory. Contact us today or visit the Inyo Las Vegas Dispensary to find out more about cannabis wax and how to smoke it.

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