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When you buy cannabis flower, there are several ways to enjoy it. While you can smoke it with a pipe or bong, you can also roll your buds into joints. To do this, you’ll need rolling papers. But which rolling papers to buy? Looking at a display of papers, it can be tough to know which will provide the best roll, the best burn, and the best flavor.

How do you pick the best rolling papers? The answer is that the best is different for everyone based on your preferences, but you can guess what those preferences might be by knowing about each of the aspects of the rolling papers you choose.

What Makes the Best Rolling Papers?

When choosing rolling papers, there are three aspects to consider: the burn, the speed, and the taste.

How They Burn

When you are smoking a paper-wrapped joint, how the paper burns will matter. Some rolling papers burn smoky, some burn harsh, some burn clean. This depends on the material they are made of and the thickness of the paper.

How Quickly They Burn

The next question is how quickly your rolling papers burn. Some provide a rapid burn allowing your flower to set the pace, others provide a much slower burn, which might be your preference.

What They Taste Like

Lastly, the taste will matter. Some rolling papers have strong flavor, some have no flavor at all. Then there are flavored rolling papers, sprayed or infused with something that adds a certain taste to  your entire joint, whether sweet or natural.

Rolling Paper Materials

The first thing to check on your rolling papers is what they are made of. Most paper is made from wood pulp, but because rolling papers are consumed, there is an interesting variety of very thin edible paper varieties.

Wood Pulp and Bleaching

For most, the least desirable type of rolling papers are those made of wood pulp and those that are bleached – not always the same. Wood pulp rolling papers tend to be smokier and have a smoky taste. Bleaching is a process that removes color, but also can leave an unwanted chemical residue on the rolling papers.

Rice Rolling Papers

Rice paper is the edible paper of choice and was once a popular type of rolling paper. They are incredibly thin, which makes them delicate. However they are also unusually harsh compared to other papers when it comes to smoke.

Hemp Rolling Papers

Unbleached hemp has often been thought to be the best rolling papers on the market. Hemp offers a cannabis taste that goes very well with cannabis flower. The paper is of medium weight, durable, and smokes at just the right pace for most flower, no matter the density.

Bamboo Rolling Papers

Bamboo has been a favorite material in many contexts, and the same is true of bamboo rolling papers. Bamboo rolling papers are light with a similarly light flavor and an even burn.

Flax Rolling Papers

Flax rolling papers are silky smooth with almost no flavor at all. Flax is often an underestimated rolling paper, but could turn out to be your favorite.

Flavored Rolling Papers

In addition to what your rolling papers are made out of, there are also flavors to consider. Most rolling paper flavors are sweet, including flavors of candy, fruit and signature treats. These flavors can add to the flavor of your cannabis and create a greater variety of smoking experiences with your joints. Some people prefer flavored rolling papers while others prefer the natural taste that comes from an unflavored and unbleached rolling paper of natural fibers.

Rolling Paper Sizes

Rolling papers also come in multiple sizes. The size of your rolling papers will determine the size of the joint you can roll and, of course, how much flower it will take to fill them. You can choose long papers or roll your joints thin or wide. Experiment with the rolling paper sizes to discover which you like best.

  • Single Wide
    • 68-70mm x 34-36mm
  • 1 1/4″
    • 76-78mm x 45-48mm
  • 1 1/2″
    • 76-78mm x 60-62mm
  • Double Wide
    • 76-78mm x 63-88mm
  • King
    • 100-110mm x 55-60mm
  • King Slim
    • 105-110mm x 42-46mm

Rolling Paper Glue

  • Acacia sugar gum
  • Non-vegan gum

Another consideration is your rolling paper glue. This is a tiny sticky strip at one edge of your rolling papers. When you roll, make sure this glue strip rolls so that it seals over the outside of the joint. You lick the glue line and then stick your joint together. Most rolling paper glue is acacia gum, also known as sugar gum or gum arabia. It’s all a sticky sweet gum of the acacia plant.

However, when it’s not acacia gum, the clue might be an animal byproduct. So if you are vegan, double-check ingredients to make sure you’ve got acacia gum.

Rolling Papers vs Cones

Another interesting option is the paper cone. Cones are pre-rolled papers, usually unbleached hemp with a built-in paper filter. They are narrower at the filter, wider at the top, and can be filled with crumbled cannabis flower instead of hand-rolled. Many people prefer cones as an easier way to create their own joint. Cones are inexpensive, but two or three times more costly per joint than rolling your own from paper. 

Cones are much easier to prepare than rolling papers and are an industry favorite. Many of the pre-rolled joints available from local dispensaries started as cones and they tend to smoke well.

Filters and Extra

Lastly, consider if you’d like any extras to accompany your journey into rolling papers and rolling your own joints. Filters, for example, can give you a smoother hit but reduce the total length of the papers you use when it comes to filling with flower. A roach clip can help you hold onto the end of a joint as it gets smaller and smaller.

Our favorite, however, is the roller. A roller is a little tool that can help you pack and roll a joint with a lot less effort and precision than hand-rolling. This can save you time, and allow you to get started making your own joints with rolling papers before you get the hang of the skill.

Find the Best Rolling Papers at Inyo Las Vegas Dispensary

If you are looking to explore rolling papers, Inyo is the place to start. Our excellent selection includes some of the best rolling paper brands, styles, and flavors on the market. Contact us today or come to the shop and ask one of our friendly budtenders for tips on the best rolling papers for you.

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