Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Crumble

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Cannabis has come a long way in the past few years. Today, we have several varieties and forms of the plant, not to mention the different methods of consumption. One of the potent forms of cannabis available to users today is ‘crumbles.’

While avid users are aware of this term and what it entails, new users are often oblivious to it. But don’t worry, this blog has it all. We will cover everything from what crumble is, why is it called crumble, how potent it is, and how you can consume a crumble.

What Is Crumble?

In short, it is the most potent form of cannabis available to the market. The name ‘crumble’ comes from the substance’s dry and powdery structure that tends to crumble easily.

Crumbles are cannabis concentrates that are bright to pale yellow-ish in color and contain up to 90% of THC content, making them extremely psychoactive. Crumble THC is one of the reasons why expert budtenders don’t recommend new users to use dabs (another name for crumbles).

This form of cannabis is not just about the buzz; they also contain several health benefits such as relief from anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

How Are Crumbles Made?

Crumbles are made through the process of chemical extraction, commonly using butane or CO2. Manufacturers require fresh frozen cannabis in order to produce crumbles. Once processed, it is considered one of the purest forms of cannabis.

Here’s a fun fact: unlike a popular notion, crumbles are relatively cheaper in the market because of one simple reason – they crumble! This characteristic makes them difficult to handle, which is why only expert users prefer its consumption.

Despite having high THC content, improper storage can lead to the loss of potency, in addition to the loss of flavor. In other words, exposure to heat, oxygen, moisture, or light can quicken the degradation process of crumbles.  

Consuming Crumbles 

We’re about to debunk yet another myth about crumbles – most people think that crumbles can only be consumed through the process of dabbing. This cannot be farther from the truth. You can consume crumbles in a plethora of ways, some of which we have covered below.


Smoking is the most common way of consuming cannabis, followed by edibles. Did you know that you can roll crumbles into a joint and enjoy smoking it? The crumbly texture allows for easy rolling and makes for an excellent THC-induced joint.


There are some cannabis vapes that have concentrate chambers. If you’re using one of them, you can easily place the crumble in that chamber, which will get heated for a potent vaping experience.


Most users may be surprised to hear that crumbles can also be used in edibles. There are countless cannabis-infused recipes for brownies, cupcakes, beverages, etc., where you can sprinkle some crumble and enjoy the elevated effects of your edibles.


Crumbles are known for their use with dabs. All you need is a dab rig – place the crumble on the nail where it will get heated. Now enjoy the vapor through the rig.

Things to Note

Regardless of the consumption method you are using to consume a crumble, make sure that you are aware of its sheer potency. If you are unsure about your THC in crumble, refer to a budtender at Inyo Las Vegas – our premium cannabis dispensary on the Las Vegas strip. Our budtenders will guide you through everything you need to know about crumbles, their use, and if they’re a good fit for your needs and lifestyle.

If you want to make your cannabis crumble last longer, refer to this blog, where we have covered the topic in detail.

Buy Crumbles Online!

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We look forward to amplifying your cannabis consumption experiences!

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