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How Much Dab Should I Use For My First Time?

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close up of a cannabis product in a glass container

close up of a cannabis product

Dabbing is a unique and enjoyable way to make use of cannabis concentrates. A dab rig is like a water bong, but with a “nail” (glass cup) that is superheated and the dab dropped onto the hot glass for immediate vaporization. But how much dab should a dabbing beginner start with? This is a very important question to ask because concentrates are strong and it’s easy to accidentally “dab out” on your first go.

So, how much dab should you use for your first time?  Inyo’s got you covered.

Half a Rice Grain, or Smaller

When selecting your dab amount, your first dab should be the size of 1/2 a grain of rice. It sounds small, but just wait until you try it. If your metabolism is such that half a grain is a gentle experience, start slowly increasing the amount, stopping at about 1.5 rice grains in size per dab.

Why? Let’s dive into the details of dabbing.

glass cannabis jig

Dab Sizing Explained

The Grain of Rice Metric

The rice grain method of determining dab size is one that everyone understands, because we all know how big a grain of rice is. To be clear, we’re talking white short-grain rice, not your long-grain basmati. A half-grain is a modest amount to start with, while two grains in dab size is generally considered excessive.


Too Little vs Too Much

It’s always better to dab too-small than too-large. If you get a gentle hit, that’s OK and you can take another one. But if you go too big, you can “dab out” which is the colloquial term for getting over-stoned and losing half an hour to admiring the patterns in your popcorn ceiling.


Avoiding Waste When Dabbing

Too large a dab ball and you can also create waste. If it doesn’t all vaporize at once, that slower burn will result in lost vapor, and lost value. Always err on the side of a smaller dab.


Tips to Portion and Apply Dabs

So, just how are you supposed to separate and apply just a half-grain of rice sized dab to your heated nail? Good question. This is something that pro dabbers practice every day, so we can hook you up with a few tips for a clean, tidy first dab at just the right size.


Cut the Dab

For shatter and other more-solid concentrates, use the edge of your dab tool (a modified cuticle blade design) to cut a very small portion from the edge. If it’s a soft dab, press it flat, then cut your tiny portion. You can then transfer the piece on your dab tool blade into the nail


Roll the Dab

For soft, putty-like dabs, you can break off a piece and roll it into a tiny ball between your finger tips. Then deposit the ball on the tip of your dab tool blade into the nail.


Drip the Dab

If you are using liquid dab in a syringe, you want to drip the smallest possible drop into the nail, one at a time for dabbing. For your half-a-grain, push the plunger until just a little oil forms a bubble at the tip, then touch that oil to the nail and it will melt off the tip of the syringe without reaching critical mass (maybe too big) to drip freely.


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The right size of dab to start with is 1/2 a grain of rice. Start slow and restart your sizing with every new batch of concentrates, as each mix can have a slightly different intensity. 

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