CBD Can Help with Weight Loss

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Can CBD Help with Weight Loss?

Cannabis has been associated with countless medical benefits like stress relief, reduction in chronic pain, relief in symptoms related to epilepsy, and a lot more. In recent years, studies have mainly been focused on the benefits of two of the major cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant – CBD and THC.

While THC is mainly associated with the psychoactive affects you experience from consumption, CBD is the compound that holds most of the therapeutic effects we talked about earlier.

Many experts and advocates have also linked CBD with weight loss. While some research studies back this claim, others suggest that weight loss from CBD is dependent on several other factors. In this blog, we will dive deeper into if and how CBD helps users in their weight-loss journey.

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Evidence is Lacking

We know that CBD is highly therapeutic because multiple research studies over the years have proved it. However, the case with the association between CBD and weight loss is that there is not enough evidence to back this claim.

It has, however, been observed that some users tend to lose weight by consuming CBD, but experts believe that it could be due to the indirect effects of consumption. For example: consuming CBD may lead to the following outcomes, which eventually could become the reason for weight loss in users:

Reduced Appetite

A lot of times, when users consume CBD on a regular basis, they start feeling less hungry, which keeps them from binging on untimely and unnecessary snacks. Research suggests that THC may be able to reduce a person’s appetite more effectively since the CB1 receptor antagonists deactivate receptors that trigger hunger in a person. However, the same cannot be said about CBD until further research.

White Fat to Brown Fat

One of the theories behind weight loss from CBD is that cannabidiol turns white fat into brown fat, which is known for enabling your body to burn calories at a much faster rate. The faster your body burns calories, the quicker your weight-loss journey will become. So indirectly, CBD helps users in losing weight.

Reduction in Metabolic Disorders

Did you know that obesity is directly associated with several metabolic disorders, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes? A study conducted on rats found out that CBD may reduce cholesterol levels in the body by 25%, which may promote a decrease in blood sugar, eventually leading to a reduction in metabolic disorders. In a nutshell, consumption of CBD may contribute to weight loss through indirect means.

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Other Benefits of CBD That Promote Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier in this blog, CBD has been known to bring several therapeutic benefits to the table. Some of these benefits also enable our bodies to shed some pounds. For instance:

  • CBD provides relief from stress and anxiety, which eventually allows users to sleep well at night. Sound sleep at night enables the body to keep the weight in check.
  • CBD is also associated with a boosted metabolism. The faster your metabolism is, the quicker your path towards weight loss will be.
  • Consuming CBD may reduce your desire to consume alcohol. Although this claim is yet to be proven by research, it has been observed that users prefer consuming cannabis as an alternative to alcohol, which is extremely high in calories and contributes to weight gains.

What Do We Conclude?

The truth is that cannabis, or CBD, in particular, does offer certain benefits in terms of weight loss but these benefits are not directly associated with CBD. Instead, their eventual impact on our body enables us to benefit by losing weight. Studies are underway to understand further if CBD may directly impact our bodies when it comes to weight loss.

Consult a Medical Marijuana Doctor Today

There are a lot of things you need to consider while consuming cannabis – things like the dosage you need to take, the frequency of consumption, and much more. If you’re a new user and need assistance in finding out the best strains and dosages for yourself, feel free to consult a medical marijuana doctor at MMJ Health.

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