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Gallup Poll shows that 49% of American adults have tried marijuana. Young millennials and the elderly looking to get their medical card for pain relief and relaxation consist a massive percentage of this population.


You’ve probably heard about the benefits of CBD and cannabis, and you’d want to take a strain that will help you with pain relief or relaxation. For centuries, cannabis has been incorporated in holistic medicine to reduce the symptoms of many disorders and illnesses.


Are you suffering from migraines, chronic stress, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, or fatigue? If so, you should try out the rainbow road strain as it has energizing effects that quickly turn sedative, leaving you feeling relaxed. Here is everything you need to know about rainbow road strain.

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What is Rainbow Road Strain?

Rainbow Road is an epic strain of the sativa dominant hybrid. This strain is fine-tuned and has the dial turned up for maximum effect and taste. It is created by crossing the Hindu Kush and strawberry sativa strains.


Hindu Kush offers strength and stability for healthy growth, while strawberry sativa provides sweet fruity aromas and various flavors. Rainbow road marijuana strain is a favorite among hybrid lovers for its relaxing and energizing effects on the mind and body.


It contains two main chemical compounds: Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They attach to different receptors triggering different sensations. THC produces a high that you experience after using cannabis, while CBD has an intoxicating and more subtle effect.


Rainbow road strain contains terpenes where the flavors and the aromas are very pronounced. Terpenes make the strain smell different from others and protect the plant from predators and harsh weather. Even though it’s not clear what terpenes do for you humans, consumers and researchers look at them as a way of classifying cannabis products as well as predicting their effects.


Some of the ingredients found in rainbow road strain are psychoactive, while others are not. The balance and potency of the ingredients vary based on how the plant is grown and processed.


This dominant sativa is a producing beast because of its growing vigor and hunger for light. It smells fruity and sweet, and you can easily tell the difference between the bottoms of strawberry and mango.


It is a strain that performs well outdoors, but it is also manageable indoors. For a person to enjoy this strain, it has to be dried and cured correctly for the proper conservation of the crop.


How Does Rainbow Road Strain Work?

Rainbow road strain contains THC with a structure similar to anandamide, a chemical found in the brain. When a person takes this strain of cannabis, it sends a chemical message throughout the nervous system.


In turn, this strain influences brain areas responsible for coordination, thinking, concentration and memory. When people use rainbow road strain of cannabis, they experience the following effects:


  • Relaxation 
  • Pain relief 
  • A feeling of euphoria or elation 
  • Increased appetite 
  • Become more talkative

Different Ways of Using Rainbow Road Strain

There are various ways of using rainbow road strain, and the method you choose will determine the effect of the drug.


  • Topical: The ingredients enter the body through transdermal patches over a specific period. 
  • Ingesting: A person consumes rainbow road strain by mouth. Usually, they will start noticing the effects after one hour, and the sensations will kick in after almost four hours. 
  • Inhaling or smoking: Feelings of euphoria or elation start within minutes and reach a peak after about 30 minutes. The feeling wears off after almost 2 hours.


According to the CDC, approximately 50 million U.S adults had chronic pain, with 19.6 million having high-impact chronic pain. Rainbow road strain cannabis is sometimes used in medicines to treat various health conditions, including:


1. Chronic Pain

Rainbow Road strain can be used for medicinal purposes when eaten, vaporized, smoked, or used as a topical cream. The plant contains cannabinoids that help manage chronic pain. The THC in cannabis relieves pain temporarily by interacting with the natural cannabinoids in the body, reducing pain perception.


Medical marijuana is usually prescribed for chronic conditions like arthritis, cancer, migraines, neck and back pain. It provides relief and has fewer side effects compared to pharmaceutical medication.


2. Depression

Depression affects approximately 280 million people worldwide. If you’ve been experiencing sadness or lack of interest in activities that you once enjoyed, there are high chances you’re suffering from depression.


Rainbow road cannabis strain can be used as a treatment for depression due to chronic stress. Introducing cannabis can ease the symptoms of depression by restoring normal behavior and functions.


3. Fatigue

Can you imagine being very tired but still feeling fatigued no matter how much you rest? Some individuals have chronic fatigue syndrome characterized by extreme fatigue, which worsens with mental or physical activity but does not improve with rest.


If you’re struggling with chronic fatigue, rainbow road string cannabis can help ease your symptoms. Although there have not been a lot of clinical trials or studies on medical marijuana for chronic fatigue, many patients report relief of their symptoms after using this strain of cannabis.


4. Cramps

Women who produce prostaglandins in excessive amounts are highly likely to experience severe cramps. Cannabis contains over 100 cannabinoids, some that contain psychoactive properties. When this compound gets absorbed into the body, it acts directly on the brain, reducing one’s perception of pain.


Rainbow road strain best contains anti-inflammatory properties, which could help relieve the period paid. Feeling relaxed can dampen the pain as the cannabinoids present in a strain interact with prostaglandins that cause contractions in the uterus.


5. Anxiety

Rainbow road strain effectively reduces anxiety symptoms in individuals with social anxiety disorder. Cannabis can help ease anxiety symptoms like excessive worrying, muscle tension, and irritability. Intake of rainbow road increases levels of anandamide (joy neurotransmitter), elevating your moods.


Body chemical changes to your muscles and nerves make it easy to relax. The CBD content in rainbow road helps relieve paranoia, nervousness, and fear. When used correctly, it can have positive results. But if not, it can lead to exasperated anxiety.


6. Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a common cause of dementia as it affects your body adversely, causing your brain cells to die. Rainbow road strain of cannabis can help remove or reduce brain cell decline and the impact of inflammation. This is because of the CBD oil content present in the strain that contains anti-inflammatory effects.


CBD is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce oxygen stress in the brain due to dementia or Alzheimer’s. Also, the THC compound found in rainbow road promotes the removal of toxic clumps in the brain that kick-start the start of Alzheimer’s disease.



Even though the benefits of the rainbow road strain of cannabis far outweigh the risks, it is important to know about them to avoid misusing the product. The risks include:


  • Gum disease 
  • Memory loss 
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Testicular cancer 
  • Impairment of judgment

These risks are more prevalent when using recreational or unregulated drugs. It’s hard to know what such products contain and their efficacy, and worse, they may have some contaminants.


Cannabis is effective in suppressing the immune system of people with certain conditions. But if your immune system is functioning well, suppressing it could lead to other potential diseases that may cause harmful effects.

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What You Need to Know if You Choose to Use Rainbow Road Strain of Cannabis

As stated earlier, rainbow road strain contains active components such as CBD and THC, among other cannabinoids. Whether you’re a frequent user or it’s your first time, there are several things you need to know before you start using.


1. Only Use With Intention

Knowing why you need to use cannabis can help you have good experiences and avoid those you don’t want. First, think about the benefits of using the rainbow road strain to understand your choices. For example, you may want to use it to:


  • Reduce physical symptoms of conditions that cause pain 
  • Feel relaxed and calm 
  • Reduce feelings of depression, worry, or anxiety

And if you choose to use rainbow road strain, you don’t want to:


  • Have memory problems
  • Lose control 
  • Negatively affect your relationships work or School 
  • Worsen your anxiety

2. Know the Serving Size

It’s appropriate to take the recommended serving size, especially when consuming edible products. Normally, a standard serving size does not contain more than 10 mg of THC. But your tolerance will determine how serving sizes affect you. When starting, take a small amount of about 2.5-5 mg. Edibles may take up to four hours for you to feel the full effect.


3. Don’t Mix Rainbow Road Strain With Alcohol and Other Substances

Using one substance increases the chances of getting the experiences you wish to have. But combining cannabis with two or more substances makes it hard to know what will happen and how it will affect you.


Besides, using different substances at once can cause adverse side effects. Talk to your primary care physician if you’re using other medications to know if it is safe to use rainbow road strain of cannabis.


4. Start Low

Suppose you’ve never used any strain of marijuana before; it’s best to go slow to know how it affects you. Start with rainbow road strains that contain lower levels of THC and wait to see how it affects you to increase the dosage.


For reference, concentrates usually contain 60-90% THC while flowers have 10-30% THC. Make sure you follow the directions and guidelines on the original packaging.


5. Reduce Your Frequency

Just like with other strains of marijuana, frequent use of rainbow road can increase your tolerance. It may take longer to achieve the same effect if you become accustomed to using cannabis frequently. Use this strain less frequently to reduce your risk of dependency, long-term health effects, and negative mental health symptoms.


To know if you should stop or reduce your frequency, check whether your consumption adversely affects your job performance, relationship, memory, or finances. If so, it’s about time to reduce your frequency.


Is Rainbow Road Strain of Cannabis Legal in Florida?

Medical marijuana or cannabis is legal in Florida. But it is still categorized as a schedule 1 drug under federal and state law. Possession, recreational use, or sale of marijuana is illegal.


The laws about medical marijuana use vary from one state to another. In most cases, primary care physicians recommend rainbow road strain of medical marijuana if you have chronic symptoms that prevent you from doing your daily activities or threaten your physical or mental health.


A medical cannabis card is crucial to enable you to buy rainbow road strain for medical purposes. You will need a written recommendation from a licensed doctor. Keep in mind that not all doctors recommend medical cannabis for their patients.


The first step to knowing if you qualify for a medical marijuana card in Florida is an evaluation by a certified doctor. They will ask for proof that you are a resident in Florida, photo ID, and medical records. If you qualify, the doctor will provide you with a patient registry ID number to complete the online application process from the state’s website.


After completing the online application, you wait for the state to activate your application. Then you will receive an email from the state to guide you to purchase marijuana from any medical marijuana dispensary in Florida.


Doctors don’t prescribe any strain of medical marijuana to persons under 18. Also, people with the following conditions should not use it:


  • History of psychosis 
  • Pregnant women 
  • People with heart disease

A marijuana card allows you to buy cannabis products in larger quantities and those with higher THC levels for maximum benefit. Upon purchasing medical marijuana products, you can administer them yourself, or if the individual has care giver, they can help. The amount of time it will take to feel the effects depends on the severity of the symptoms and the form of the rainbow road strain.


Choose the Best Medical Marijuana Doctor in Florida

Rainbow road strain effectively reduces symptoms of various ailments and health conditions. To get great results from marijuana, you need to identify the right medical marijuana doctor in Florida.


Experience and educational background are the most vital things to consider when choosing a medical marijuana doctor. Most of them have MD, DO, or other advanced degrees of physician assistants or nurse practitioners.


MMJ Health has professional staff you can trust serving patients in Brevard, St Lucie, Martin, and Palm Beach County. Use our patient qualification to check whether you qualify for medical marijuana instantly. We take care of everything you need to get qualified in one convenient visit.

Schedule an appointment today with a Florida medical marijuana doctor.

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