Using Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

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Marijuana Leaves on a China Pot

Marijuana Leaves on a China Pot

Some of you may have already heard and read something about the prodigious Rick Simpson marijuana oil, an oil that seems to cure cancer, brain damage, and a host of other diseases. It is an oil that is made from dried marijuana flowers and a solvent that, after proper cleaning and removal of impurities, can be consumed:

  • Orally in capsules
  • In cooking recipes
  • Smoked
  • Vaping
  • By skin absorption

A dose as close as possible to 60g/ml should be taken for 90 days and should be administered 3 times a day, every 8 hours, starting with small doses that will be doubled every 4 days until a dose of 1g/ ml is reached per day.

When the treatment is followed for therapeutic purposes, it is convenient to maintain a small dose a day, once the treatment is finished to consolidate the effect.

RSO Oil Effects

The purpose of this oil is mainly medicinal therefore, it has a high concentration of CBD, but it also provides THC, depending on the dose and the variety of marijuana used for its manufacture.

Simpson proposes doses of 60g/ml for 90 days, starting gradually. There is no problem in the patient increasing this dose if he needs it, being able to double it.

The effect will vary considerably depending on whether an Indica or Sativa strain is used for the brew. The effects of Sativa oil are much more cerebral, euphoric, and energetic, while the effect of oil made with Indicas is more relaxing.

Cannabis Leaves and Tinctures in a syringe

How to use RSO

Simpson has dosage instructions on his site. However, you should keep in mind that they have not been examined by medical researchers. Dosages vary from person to person depending on many factors, including the potency of the RSO.

The creator suggests that people start by taking a dose that is half the size of a grain of dry rice three times a day. He then recommends doubling the dose after every four days for five weeks, slowly building up a tolerance to counteract the effects of THC. During the remainder of the 12-week treatment period, the dose should be maintained at one full gram. Simpson also notes that the oil’s effects may not be felt for up to an hour after ingestion.

RSO is generally not smoked. It is consumed in the following ways:

  • Sublingually: It is the fastest way of absorption, a drop is placed under the tongue and kept for one or two minutes
  • Topically: The best way to use Rick Simpson oil to treat skin conditions is to rub the affected area so that it is absorbed
  • Ingested: There are people who dose the RSO in capsules that are later swallowed. This way, it takes an hour or more to take effect.
  • Vaporized: Normally diluted in terpenes to use this form of consumption of Rick Simpson’s medicinal oil.
  • Smoked: There are people who spread it on paper, but it is not highly recommended. If you want to smoke it, better do it with a dab and at a low temperature

Among all the formats derived from medical cannabis, Rick Simpson’s oil is one of the most effective, if not the most.

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