Can Cannabis Help When You Feel Sick?

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Cannabis has become a big part of the US market. Users and non-users alike have been enticed by the potential impacts on health that the cannabis plant offers.

The point is, people are interested or associated with cannabis in one way or the other. The figures support this argument: experts suggest the US cannabis industry witnessed a 50.92% increase in 2020 alone, and (the market) is expected to hike from $28.266 billion to $197.74 billion between 2021 and 2028.

The US cannabis industry is gaining traction for many reasons. Most people opt to consume CBD – one of the many cannabinoids in cannabis – which carries potential medical benefits like pain relief, stress release, anxiety relief, treating cancer-related pain, epilepsy, and a lot more. While some of these illnesses are major, cannabis is also quite effective in uplifting your mood and overall health if you’re feeling under the weather.

In this article, we will discuss how, in addition to major illnesses, cannabis may be an excellent remedy for routine issues like moods swings, flu, allergies, or muscle pain. So can cannabis help when you feel sick? 

Stress and Negative Mood

Our lives today have become full of hustle-bustle. From the moment we get out of bed to the point we go back to sleep, we’re always busy. Such a busy routine often takes a toll on us and can lead to negative moods and stress.

While there are other remedies for these issues, people have started turning to cannabis to alleviate their bad moods and accumulated stress. Occasional users may be able to reduce stress and elevate their mood with a significantly smaller dose as compared to avid users who may need a higher dose to experience the same effects.

What Does the Research Say?

Did you know that THC, a prominent compound in cannabis, may impact stress and anxiety feelings while aiding in bringing them down? According to research that used THC as the baseline for treating stress and negative moods, all participants of the study consumed THC between 7.5mg and 12.5mg.

The study found out that if THC is consumed in higher proportions, it may lead to an increase in the condition. However, moderate doses may help in the reduction of stress and negative mood symptoms.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain and distress can happen to anyone, especially athletes. It happens when the muscles are overworked due to any reason, like more than usual physical activity or unsound sleep. CBD, a cannabinoid in cannabis, can be effective in seeking relief from such pains.

The therapeutic compound is composed of anti-inflammatory effects which have been found to cause relief from muscle aches and joint pain. While the method of consumption does not impact the effects as much, using CBD by inhaling cannabis may cause the compound to kick in faster.

What does the research say?

Several studies have already been conducted on CBD’s impact on muscles. Research suggests this cannabinoid is highly effective when treating muscle spasms. One particular study reported that cannabis might also assist in elevating the symptoms of Dystonia, a repetitive muscle contraction disorder.

Flu or Cold

Flu or cold is among the most common illnesses people have. While there are medications in the market that assist in relieving the symptoms of these illnesses, people are now turning towards cannabis for treatment.

Although there is no evidence as of yet that cannabis may help cure a cold altogether, its consumption can certainly help in alleviating the symptoms attached to colds such as headaches, muscle pain, inflamed sinuses, and more. Research studies are still underway on this topic, and the results might change the current stance on cannabis vs. cold.


Cannabis has long been one of the best and among the most opted for ways to alleviate different types of nausea. Experts suggest that not only do cannabis compounds help against nausea, they also trigger appetite in the user.

Nausea can occur due to several different reasons, from chemo treatments to motion sickness and beyond. Regardless of the cause, your favorite cannabis strain may help you relieve uncomfortable nausea.

What does the research say? So can cannabis help when you feel sick? 

A study conducted back in 2012 deduced that CBD, a common compound in cannabis, could offer anti-emetic effects on the body by reacting with the body’s autoreceptors. Although CBD carries most of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, a combination of CBD with THC can prove to be much more effective, according to some experts.


Did you know that over 50 million Americans suffer from some sort of allergy every year? Allergies can occur due to several reasons, such as breathing pollens or contaminants that enter your immune system and cause havoc. In other words, it is your body’s way of reacting to a foreign substance.

A good way to treat allergies is always through medications, but experts suggest that cannabis may be able to alleviate some of the symptoms.

What does the research say?

A small study was conducted in 2019 on mice. The purpose of the study was to identify cannabidiol’s effects on allergic asthma. The results found out that CBD may not completely halt the allergic reaction, but it can surely reduce the symptoms such as inflammation of the airway. Experts suggested that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties along with proper medication for allergic reactions can assist in relieving pain and symptoms more effectively.


Cannabis has been a popular remedy for several illnesses and has been backed by research as well. Firstly, it is of critical importance to state here that you should always consult a marijuana doctor before taking CBD as a remedy for an illness. Medical marijuana doctors will be able to take a complete history and recommend treatment according to your body and lifestyle. There is an extent of research still needed to determine the question: can cannabis help if you feel sick? 

The cannabis industry is still at its initial stages. There is a lot of research required in different areas to unveil the true potential of this plant and how it can be safely used for a broader range of illnesses.

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