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The Difference Between High, Stoned, and Baked

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High stoned and baked

The US cannabis sector has progressed a lot in the past few years. Users today opt for different ways of consumption and have the liberty to choose from a broad range of cannabis strains and products. But despite the extensive knowledge about the dosages and ways of consumption, not many people are aware of the basic differences between the terms high, stoned, and baked.

Usually, these terms are used interchangeably to define the psychoactive feelings after consuming adult-use cannabis. However, all three terms may vary slightly in their meaning. In this article, we will talk about the difference between high, stoned, and baked in cannabis lingo and their respective meanings.

The Term ‘High’

The term “high” is used to explain the euphoric sensations after consumption. For example, when you consume Sativa-dominant strains (strains that are high in THC), they uplift your mood, leaving you upbeat, happy, and euphoric, collectively labeled as “feeling high.” 

Avid users normally consume such strains since new or amateur ones may not be able to tolerate the ‘high.

The Term ‘Stoned’

This feeling also involves the impact of potential psychoactive effects of the cannabis plant. However, when we speak of being stoned, we are referring to a feeling where users become so relaxed that performing some of the basic tasks may become a challenge for them. 

Stoned users become lethargic and feel extremely tired, which contributes to their inability to carry out certain tasks. For better comprehension, you may think of being stoned as the feeling of extreme relaxation, when you don’t feel like getting off the couch and doing anything.

The Term ‘Baked’

The easiest way to understand the meaning of the term “baked” is to think of it as an extreme high. When you are baked, it means you have consumed a very heavy amount. While some pro users can enjoy this feeling, others start feeling a little uncomfortable and start looking forward to sobering up.

You know a user is baked when their eyes turn red or when they start laughing uncontrollably without reason. New users often end up in this feeling if and when they mess up their dosages.

The Consensus 

Although we commonly use “high,” “stoned,” and “baked” interchangeably, all these terms may be used slightly differently in various different situations. The only common factor in the three terms is that they portray three different extents of the potential psychoactive effects, with a ‘high’ being the most moderate and ‘baked’ being on a may extreme spectrum.

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