Best Cannabis Products to Try in 2022

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Ever since the pandemic hit the US, the demand for cannabis has grown exponentially. Cannabis has helped a lot of people remain sane in these difficult times. The last two years have been exceptionally great for the cannabis industry, which is why advocates are more than hopeful that the year 2022 has something even better in store for the US cannabis sector.

While users and advocates of cannabis continue to fight for legalizing and streamlining operations across states, it is worth taking some time out and praising the collective efforts being put into the betterment of the cannabis sector. People are doing that by trying out some unique products in 2022.

This blog covers five of the commonly opted for strains and products users are starting off the year 2022.

Orange Cream Buttercream [10pk] (100mg)

If you like oranges and cannabis, we recommend combining the two with Cannabella’s Orange Cream Buttercream. These buttercream chews contain 4.75% THC content, which provides you with moderate psychoactive effects.

The best part about these edibles is that they are easy to administer among people. Moreover, the potential effects from these chews may last longer as compared to a vape or pre-roll. So, get yours today from the best Vegas dispensary and start off your 2022 with a citrusy, chewy cannabis edible. Note that public consumption of cannabis is illegal and can lead to incarceration.

Grape Monster

When it comes to premium strains and products, Grape Monster by Fleur takes the lead. It offers the user a perfect balance of peace and euphoria, making the consumption experience worth a try for both new and old users.

Grape Monster contains around 21% of THC, which leads to a decent euphoric buzz. The best thing about Fleur’s Grape Monster is that its Sativa strain is produced with 100% organically cultivated flowers. Moreover, the Clean Green Certification further adds to the premium effects of this product. After consuming the Grape Monster strain by Fleur, users enjoy creative, happy, and energetic feelings.

Marshmallow Treats (100mg)

A fan favorite so far in the year 2022 has been Marshmallow by Evergreen Organix (EGO).

The combination of multi-flavored marshmallows with whole grain oats amplifies the consumption experience making this edible by EGO a perfect way to begin your 2022. Get it online now from a reputable Las Vegas strip dispensary, and start this year with premium edibles.

Northern Lights

Looking for something truly unique to start off your 2022? How about giving Northern Lights a try? This vape cartridge by Vapen comes pre-filled with premium THC distillate and offers a hint of cannabidiol (0.2.7% CBD) alongside to add to the therapeutic effects of this vape.

Northern Lights vape cartridges by Vapen are available in two variants, 1g, and 0.5g. It is highly potent and is available in a variety of authentic flavors. Start 2022 with this vape and set the cannabis-consumption bar high for the rest of the year.  

Banana Puddintain

This strain is a cross between the popular Banana OG and TKSkunk. It offers users 22.55% THC leaving them with moderate psychoactive buzz. According to the users of this strain, it helps them ease their minds and get some relief after a tiring day.

While relaxation was the topmost feeling among users, some have also reported experiencing a blissful and sleepy time. The smooth high of Banana Puddintain, coupled with the anti-anxiety properties it offers, make this strain the perfect way to begin your 2022 hustle.

There are several other strains and products that people are trying out in 2022. However, the abovementioned list of five strains has remained popular among new and old users at the start of 2022. If you’re a new user, check out our brief guide on how to beat the munchies after consuming cannabis.

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