A First-Time Medical Marijuana Patient’s Guide

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Inyo A First Time Medical Marijuana Patients Guide

Cannabis has always been popular among users, but the acceptance has grown tenfold since the legalization efforts in the US have kicked in. Individual entities have concluded studies that shed light upon the medical benefits this plant brings along.

Despite the sheer progress in the US cannabis industry, the federal government is yet to join the advocate’s club through legalization. However, the good news is that we’re on the right track since the federal government is currently looking into the potential legalization of medical cannabis.

Cannabis has been proven to help against various illnesses to date. If you’re suffering from one or more of them and planning to turn to your first cannabis experience for relief, this article is particularly for you.

In this article, we will talk about the dos and don’ts when you’re becoming a cannabis user for the first time. Although the tips in this blog are provided by experts, it is recommended that you also reach out to a professional in a dispensary near the Las Vegas strip. Experts may be able to help you further in choosing the best strain for your consumption.

The following are a few tips for first-time medical marijuana users.

Find Out What Suits Your Needs

This could be easier said than done. There are a lot of different things to take notice of when it comes to buying cannabis. You need to make sure that the strain is not very potent since you’re a first-timer, so you want to keep things slow. The potency determines how much of the psychoactive buzz you will feel post-consumption (the key is to opt for medical cannabis or a very light low-potent strain with little amounts of THC as it will be more than enough to provide you with the buzz).

Furthermore, you want to look into the terpenes of the strain to see how your consumption experience will feel like. Terpenes determine the taste and aroma of the strain. Getting a strain that tastes or smells unique may inhibit a good consumption experience.

There are two simple ways to opt for your first cannabis strain – you can either conduct extensive research online, read about the types and potencies of different strains, or you can visit the best cannabis dispensary – Inyo Las Vegas – where expert budtenders will help you in buying the perfect cannabis strain according to your needs, experience, and lifestyle.

The Consumption Methods

Cannabis has evolved a lot in the past several decades. Today, users don’t have to resort to the conventional way of smoking the plant. There are several other ways of consuming cannabis, including edibles, topicals, dabs, and sublinguals, among others.

It is important to know your preferred way of consuming cannabis as different consumption methods result in different impacts. While some may provide the psychoactive buzz right away, the buzz will not be as effective (which could be a blessing in disguise for new users like yourself).

On the other hand, some consumption methods will take a while before kicking in, but the buzz is often quite significant once they do. However, that is the case with recreational cannabis strains. If you’re opting for medical cannabis, the THC content in your strains will be zero or less than 0.3%.

This is another area where a medical marijuana doctor or an expert budtender at a leading dispensary in Vegas can help you out. You can visit a store like Inyo and convey that you’re looking for medical cannabis only – the budtenders will only present you with varying strains of CBD-dominated strains of the plant.

Medical Prescription is Important

Unlike recreational cannabis, medical cannabis purchases require a valid prescription from a medical doctor. However, the best part about visiting a leading cannabis dispensary in Vegas is that budtenders are trained to provide you with the best customer service. They will guide you through each step of the way, what to do, how to buy, and how to consume your first-ever medical cannabis strain.

Las Vegas strip dispensaries like Inyo have an extensive range of medical cannabis products enabling new users like you to choose what suits your needs the best. You can rest assured that these budtenders are there to assist you with your cannabis experience, so ask away whatever questions you have in mind and make sure that all your concerns are well-addressed.

Conditions for Medical Cannabis

Did you know that there is a particular list of illnesses for which medical cannabis sales are allowed? If you are suffering from one or more of the medical concerns from the list, only then will you be eligible to acquire medical cannabis from a dispensary near the Las Vegas strip.

Some of the illnesses for which you may receive a valid medical cannabis prescription include stress, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy, HIV, Hepatitis C, and arthritis, among a few others.

These are some of the most common issues that make you eligible for medical cannabis consumption. Note here that different states in the US have different illnesses for which you can order medical cannabis.

Different States Have Different Regulations

Since medical cannabis is still illegal in the eyes of the government, there are no standard regulations relating to medical cannabis. Every state from Nevada to California has a set of unique laws that you need to adhere to, so make sure you study the limitations of the state you’re residing in.

Furthermore, different states also have different restrictions regarding the possession of cannabis. This is another area where you can turn to expert budtenders for additional guidance.

Where To Buy Cannabis In Las Vegas?

If you’re in Nevada, you can visit the best Vegas dispensary – Inyo Las Vegas – that offers a broad range of medical cannabis products and strains. You can place your order online for curbside delivery and pickup between 8am and 10pm from Monday to Saturday, and between 8am and 8pm on Sunday.

Need assistance from our professional budtenders? Visit our store during the following hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday between 8am and 12am
  • Thursday to Saturday between 8am and 2am
  • Sunday between 8am and 10pm

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