The Science Behind Edible Potency

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Inyo Whats in this Brownie The Science Behind Edible Potency

Edibles are becoming increasingly popular among cannabis users around the world. Many users are resorting to edibles instead of conventional pre-rolls because they find it easier to administer them. Furthermore, edibles also keep you away from potential pulmonary concerns while enjoying the core benefits of cannabis.

When it comes to edibles, pretty much every user has had the all-famous ‘brownie.’ The sweet snack satisfies your sweet tooth while enabling you to enjoy the potency and psychoactive effects of your favorite strains.

We all know that THC is the compound that causes the psychoactive buzz to take place in your body, but do you know the particular type of the compound known as 11-hydroxy-THC. Baked edibles are usually known for their immense highs, often more than what users plan to experience.

Experts believe that since brownies are often homemade, the potencies vary from one batch of brownies to another. Sometimes these potencies are also higher than the state-legal amounts, especially if they are homemade.

The THC Journey

Many do not fully understand the various compounds of THC content. For instance, a majority of the THC at the resin glands of cannabis plants is THCA. The process of decarboxylation changes this THCA into THC. The process of decarboxylation occurs in two ways – either when the plant reaches maturity or when your smoke your cannabis.

THC, a.k.a. delta-9-THC, is not the final compound that triggers the psychoactive effects – once this compound enters your body, the body metabolizes it into 11-hydroxy-THC. Initially, researchers thought it was one of the many cannabinoids; however, the reality is far from it.

Cannabinoids are either made naturally in the human body– called endocannabinoids – or are found in our body’s resin glands – phytocannabinoids. Since 11-hydroxy-THC is neither found in the resin glands nor produced naturally, this compound cannot be labeled a cannabinoid.

This makes “11-hydroxy-THC” THC’s primary metabolite. In other words, when you consume THC, it is transformed into 11-hydroxy-THC and later into THC-COOH. The reason why THC-COOH is critical is that it is the compound that is targeted by drug testing agencies like WADA because it tends to remain in the body for several weeks.

Edibles Vary in Potency

Did you know that not all edibles carry the same level of potency? While some edibles are adequately effective, others can leave a significant impact post-consumption. According to experts, 11-hydroxy-THC tends to be far more psychoactive as opposed to delta-9-THC.

Users often ask the reason behind the effectiveness of a strain and why one edible may be stronger as compared to another. The answer is simple – it all depends upon the process of body metabolism. THC in your body will indeed produce 11-hydroxy-THC regardless of the way you consume your cannabis. 

However, the effect of 11-hydroxy-THC produced will be almost ten times more if it is produced by the consumption of an edible. This happens due to dual-metabolism. Initially, the compounds are metabolized by the enzymes inside your stomach and then by the liver. 

Consumption methods like smoking also allow THC directly into your lungs and bloodstream. As this blood enters your liver, it will be metabolized, which will produce more 11-hydroxy-THC; however, far lesser as compared to the amounts produced through edibles.        

Further Studies are Required

There is no doubt that science has come a long way when it comes to understanding cannabis and how it interacts with the human body. However, there is still massive room for research in this area. Researchers are often restricted due to federal regulations against cannabis or the limitation of funds that impede the research.

Today, we have discovered multiple ways of cannabis consumption, and we cannot rule out any single one in favor of the other. Experts suggest that the best medicine for optimal therapeutic benefits is digestion, inhalation, and topical uses of a broad spectrum of cannabinoids.

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