A Difference of Highs: Sublingual Cannabis

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Inyo A Difference of Highs Sublingual Cannabis

The global cannabis industry has progressed rapidly over the past few decades. Today, users don’t have to resort to conventional methods of consumption. People have various alternatives when it comes to consuming their favorite strains, including edibles, tinctures, dabs, and more. The most common way of consuming cannabis, however, remains by smoking. You can enjoy edibles like chocolates and beverages or use sublingual cannabis, which dissolves into your bloodstream directly through your mouth (unlike other edibles that are metabolized in your stomach).

In this blog, we will shed light on what sublingual cannabis is, how it differentiates from other edibles, and if consuming cannabis orally affects the psychoactive buzz you experience afterward.

What is Sublingual Consumption?

Consuming cannabis sublingually is not among the commonly known ways to absorb THC into your body. Unlike a gummy bear or soda, which passes through your stomach, sublingual cannabis refers to a method where the product is kept under your tongue until it dissolves into your bloodstream. You can use tinctures for sublingual consumption or place full-extract cannabis oils (FECO) under your tongue. Both tinctures and FECO products tend to be highly potent and are activated within a few minutes to provide you with the psychoactive effects.

Are Sublinguals the Same as Edibles?

A common question many users ask is if edibles and sublinguals are the same, or if a user can swallow sublinguals without any side effects. While there are certain similarities between the two, sublinguals and edibles are mainly different on several grounds. In terms of similarities, both are ingested. However, when it comes to differences, there are quite a few. How are the two different? For starters, the first-ever medicine based on cannabis and approved by the US federal government was sublingual. It is also the only cannabis-based drug approved by the FDA.

Sublingual Cannabis Dissolves Under the Tongue

There are thousands of capillaries and saliva ducts under the tongue that dissolve the sublinguals, surpassing the digestion process to go directly into the bloodstream. Since the products skip digestion, they don’t require time to metabolize, which significantly reduces their activation times. In fact, the swift activation of sublinguals is among the main reasons why people prefer this method of consumption.

Furthermore, permeable mucous membranes in your mouth add to the process by carrying cannabinoids into the blood. Note: a common misconception about sublinguals is that users may be able to swallow the substance. It will not provide users with the psychoactive effects since the cannabinoids are dissolved in stomach acid. Moreover, manufacturers and cannabis experts strictly recommend not swallowing sublinguals, as they are not made to be impactful by this means of consumption. 

Do Sublinguals and Edibles Have Different Psychoactive Effects?

Some experts believe that since sublinguals are often dosed with far less THC content than most edibles, it may not provide as good of a buzz as compared to enjoying an edible. However, the best part about sublinguals is that they take around 15 to 30 minutes to take effect, while edibles usually have an activation time of one to two hours. However, once the edibles take effect, they may provide a significantly better buzz since the THC consumed passes through your liver, where THC is turned into a super-psychoactive element right before it heads towards your bloodstream.

One thing to be noted here is that the effects of the buzz vary from person to person. While a new user will be satisfied with the psychoactive effects of sublinguals, avid users often require more THC concentration to feel the buzz, something they receive through edibles rather than sublinguals. In short, the high of the product, be it an edible or a sublingual, varies between users.

So Why Sublinguals? 

Although both, sublinguals and edibles, are taken orally, there are several differences between the two. Each method of consumption brings a list of pros and cons to the table, from reaction times to the longevity of the buzz, and how both of them interact with your body.

A lot of new and avid users are now preferring this way (using sublinguals) of cannabis consumption as it is easy to administer as compared to most other ways of cannabis consumption like edibles.   

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