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Can Cannabis Enhance Your Performance?

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Inyo is cannabis a performance enhancing drug

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Cannabis has become quite popular over the past few years. While recreational users oftentimes enjoy the plant’s psychoactive effects, cannabis has also offered various forms of relief to medical users across the nation. States that have legalized cannabis are also churning millions of dollars in revenue, which are further channeled into the development of other sectors within the states.

Despite the increase in cannabis acceptance across the country, not everyone seems to be in complete acceptance of it, which was made clear in the recent cannabis ban in the Olympics.

Rule-makers are still under the impression that cannabis is a performance-enhancing substance, though research has not found any association between the plant and improved performance.

What Happened in the Olympics?

Sha’Carri Richardson, a US track athlete, was denied a place on the country’s team for the Olympics after testing positive for cannabis consumption. Similarly, Diego Goris was also denied a place on the team after testing positive for cannabis in a qualifier.

Both athletes’ overall performances were rejected based on the presumption that they consumed this substance to improve their performance. Although both athletes confirmed that they had consumed cannabis, neither of them did it for the purpose of performance enhancement.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the agency that creates sports regulations across the globe. While the agency still classifies cannabis as a ‘substance of abuse,’ cannabis advocates argue that the agency’s devised rules are not backed by reliable research.

Did Research Back the Ban?

Last year, experts conducted a detailed review of available research on the association between cannabis and improved performance; they failed to find any link between the two.

In fact, researchers concluded that the consumption of cannabis might actually have a negative effect on performance. They discovered that consuming cannabis increased heart rates in some cases, triggering an increase in breathing rates and ultimately hindering athletic performance.

Another group of experts reviewed the studies in this area and concluded that athletes should avoid the consumption of cannabis to ensure the best performance.

Professor and Sports Psychiatrist David McDuff from the University of Maryland seconded the above mentioned conclusions, stating that cannabis is rather a performance-detracting substance.

In short, comprehensive studies and expert research and reviews have concluded that the association of this plant with improved performance is anything but true, and WADA needs to realize it to protect athletes from undue penalties in the future.

Cannabis In Sport – A Research Review

Sports Medicine, a popular journal in the US, published “Cannabis in Sport.” Although it claims that cannabis may be used to improve performance, expert reviewers turned down the conclusion on the grounds that even the studies mentioned in this review highlight how consuming cannabis may impair an athlete’s overall performance, contradicting its claim. 

The Common Misconception

Users and advocates of cannabis are still under the impression that WADA has banned the consumption of cannabis entirely. Although this was the case initially, the agency lifted the ban on CBD products back in 2017, while keeping the prohibition on THC intact.

In other words, professional athletes are permitted to consume CBD products prior to competing, but they are barred from using THC (despite evidence that this compound does not improve performance).

Athletes and cannabis advocates alike are currently working to ensure that WADA removes THC from its list of banned substances as research continues to fail in revealing any sort of link between cannabis and enhanced athletic performance.  

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