Aging and Cannabis Use

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Cannabis has long been known and associated with the treatment of several mental and physical conditions, including stress relief, pain relief, sleep aid, and much more. Recent data emphasizes that there has been a rise in consumption by older adults as states continue to legalize recreational use. The findings of a recent study even reflect that this rise is accompanied by changing attitudes towards cannabis among baby boomers, especially men. Men ages 60 to 64 actually reported the highest rates of cannabis use. 

This article will highlight the use of cannabis as users age, as well as explore trends related to methods of consumption as we age.

Changes in Methods of Consumption 

One of the biggest shifts seen in recent cannabis use is the method of preferred consumption for older buyers. A majority of younger enthusiasts, especially between age 20 and 30, tend to prefer routines involving smoking or vaping cannabis. This is likely due to the fact that these particular methods of consumption provide instant relief through inhalation. Instant relief seems especially important to young adults that experience symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

However, as we get older one may notice that there can be a shift from consumption by inhalation to utilizing edibles and tinctures for reasons regarding health. This is likely in relation to health-conscious individuals wanting to protect their lungs from respiratory problems, as inhalation is more likely to compromise the lungs as we age. 

Physician Jordan Tishler, MD stated “as a cannabis specialist, I think preference isn’t really the right way to look at it. Different routes of administration cause different outcomes, so the approach is best tailored to the symptoms” he emphasizes that the best cannabis consumption really depends on what the person is using the product for. Whether they’re simply trying to get a buzz or trying to treat an underlying health condition. Many doctors recommend tinctures and capsules because these means of consumption typically yield around six to eight hours of relief, whereas inhaled products usually provide only two to three hours of relief. Protection of respiratory health is especially important with ongoing COVID-19.

Dosage Preference and THC Tolerance 

Anecdotal research suggests age can play an impactful role in how a person experiences THC. The results of a 2007 study support a connection between age and THC sensitivity. The results of this particular study lead researchers to believe that the older individuals were more likely to suffer from higher levels of anxiety and stress after consuming cannabis than the younger ones were. 

Physicians like Tishler state that dosage doesn’t necessarily seem to correlate well with age.  “Some of my highest dose patients are the older ones, even if they started from completely cannabis naive,” he says. Tishler says that a number of factors have the potential to affect a person’s cannabis high. 

Everyone is Different 

The reality is that the concept of aging is subjective – an athlete’s body may still be in far better condition at the age of forty than a non-athlete’s body at the same time in life, or even the other way around. Ultimately, it looks different for everyone. There are multiple possible ways to maintain a healthy cannabis routine. It is also very possible that one’s routine may change many times as you continue to age. 

Experts imply that the one thing for certain is that consistency is essential as a cannabis consumer. It is important to work with a cannabis specialist to determine the right route and dose necessary for the best benefits. Listen to your body and how it responds to your THC consumption. Reduce it if the same amount of THC over the years doesn’t settle well with you anymore. Common advice suggests to start low and go slow. 

Research is Inconclusive

Although some studies may suggest a change in cannabis consumption routines as you age, there is insufficient evidence to support this claim. According to a study published in 2019, it is still unclear whether aging impacts the way your body responds to cannabis dosages and consumption methods.

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