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Ever since the pandemic hit, the world has had to pivot and adjust to new norms—millions of Americans have lost their jobs while others have given it their all to keep their careers alive. Financial concerns are one of the many obstacles that COVID-19 has presented us with, causing many people caught in the midst of change to feel a tremendous amount of stress. 

Combining stress and struggle is a slippery slope that can lead to burnout, and even eventually translate to adverse health issues.  

In fact, an Indeed survey conducted before and after the COVID found that burnout levels have increased by 9% during post-pandemic times.

Another study deduced that 23% of employees are almost always burned out while 44% frequently feel this way.

Adverse Effects of Burning Out

Contrary to popular belief, burnout doesn’t happen in a day or two; it happens after weeks of constant stress and pressure, leading to deteriorating physical and mental efficiency. A burned-out mind and body are more likely to be exposed to the following problems over time:

  • Feelings of lethargy and exhaustion
  • The risk of cardiovascular diseases increases
  • Increased risk of type-2 diabetes
  • Increased depression and anger

People suffering from burnout often resort to alcohol abuse which further amplifies the consequences mentioned above. In short, nothing good comes from being burned out.

Tips To Fight Burnouts

Fortunately, several different tips and tricks have been proven to help against burnout. Check out our top five picks below:

Cannabis Reduces Stress

A common cause of burnout is stress. Relieving yourself from stress will enable you to avoid burning out, and that is where cannabis has been proven to assist most users. In a ScienceDaily study conducted to test the levels of stress and anxiety, researchers discovered that cannabis strains have characteristics that allow your mind to get rid of the clutter and free your mind of any stress or anxiety.

However, whether you are consuming medical or recreational cannabis, its effects tend to vary among people. For example, a low-potent THC dominant strain will have little psychoactive effects on an avid user. For the same dose, a new user will be exposed to greater psychotropic feelings. 

If you want to avoid the psychoactive effects and get rid of burnout, CBD may be an excellent solution. The best Vegas dispensary—Inyo Las Vegas—has top CBD strains and products that you can order in-store or online.

Get Adequate Sleep

Another common cause of burnout is inadequate sleep. People often get stuck in a busy routine where they find it difficult to get six to eight hours of sound sleep. Going to bed early isn’t always the solution since a lot of people suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia, so alternative solutions are sometimes necessary to aid people with sleeping issues. 

There are remedies like cannabis that help you fight insomnia and enjoy a healthy and sound sleep at night. Most cannabis strains and products are composed of analgesic properties that help reduce stress and anxiety, allowing your mind and body to relax, which can translate into a good night’s sleep.

Seek Help

It’s important to be open when you’re experiencing feelings of burnout, otherwise, people around you may continue to unknowingly contribute to your stress load. Experts recommend seeking professional assistance, such as therapy. 

Should you find CBD to be a solution to your stress, budtenders at Inyo Las Vegas are happy to offer the best advice on top-quality cannabis products in order to relieve your mind and body and enable you to start the healing process. You can find the best cannabis products at Inyo Las Vegas at affordable prices.

Pre-plan Your Day

A haphazard routine is often the cause of burnout. People start their day with a primary task in mind and then just follow the flow. By midday, they realize that things are getting out of hand, which leads to stress, bad time management, and increased hours per week at work.

An excellent way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to pre-plan your day the night before and allot a time frame for each task. If you know what to do and precisely when to do it, you are less likely to burn out.

Give Yourself Time

It is critical that you make time for self-care and relaxation; dedicating thirty minutes to an hour per day to relax and care for yourself will help relieve feelings of stress. Use this time to free your mind of all the troubles of the day and let your muscles loosen up. Yoga is another great way many people take part in self-care and relaxation as it is extremely effective in improving blood flow and releasing tension within your joints.

While you are at it, consuming your favorite THC-dominant strain will amplify relaxation by providing psychoactive effects to help ease your mind and relax your body.

Best Cannabis Dispensary

If you want to reduce stress by consuming top-quality cannabis, it is best to opt for the best cannabis dispensary that offers a broad range of medical and recreational products.

Where To Buy Cannabis In Las Vegas?

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