Dabbing 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Inyo dabbing 101

The growing legal status of cannabis has led to an accompanied increase in cannabis consumption across the US. In fact, the cannabis industry in the United States saw staggering growth amidst the pandemic and following lockdowns. As the trend continues to grow, users also continue to grow their appetite for different ways to consume cannabis. One of these many methods of concentrate consumption is known as dabbing, which seemed to become more common about a decade ago.

What Exactly Is Dabbing?

A unique alternative to smoking or edible consumption of cannabis is dabbing. Although this method of consumption is growing traction among users, albeit at a slow pace. Experts at Inyo Las Vegas – the best Vegas dispensary – believe that users may often avoid this method of consumption because it requires equipment like a dab rig and nails.

Dabbing, as a method of consumption, is slightly similar to smoking and vaping cannabis, as it entails inhaling cannabis extract. In defining the process of dabbing, it is actually a rather simple process. In short, the tools are used to heat the extract while the dab rig is utilized for inhalation. 

What are concentrates?

Concentrates (referred to as extracts) are essential oils and active compounds that are separated from the raw Cannabis plant material, known to be highly potent in THC. These are mixtures that retain most compounds of the cannabis plant, getting rid of many impurities during the manufacturing process. These concentrates are categorized based on their consistency levels, labeling them as shatters, budders, or wax. The popular Butane Hash Oils (BHOs) are cannabis concentrates that can be used in the dabbing process. 

The equipment you would need for dabbing

Dabbing concentrate would require the following equipment most of the time:

  • Cannabis extract: the concentrate which will be heated in the process.
  • Dab rig: a device composed of a coil, a chamber, and the dabber.
  • Torch: required to light the dab rig’s nail tool. 
  • Carb cap: essentially traps the heat inside the dab rig enabling extract to easily vaporize.

Best Cannabis Concentrates for Dabbing

Inyo Las Vegas is known by many as the best Vegas dispensary that offers a broad range of cannabis extracts that may elevate your overall dabbing experience. 

The following is just one of our concentrates suggested to dabbing enthusiasts:

Key Lime Kush

This is among the most popular concentrates among budders. It contains 13.8% CBD and 18% THC. Our Key Lime Kush extract has Limonene-dominant terpenes. It is a hybrid of Bubba Kush and Key Lime Pie and contains a citrus-like aroma. Budders tend to enjoy a blissful state after dabbing this concentrate.

Super Lemon OG

The Super Lemon OG is a concentrate known to provide users with a relaxed and content feeling. The high potency may result in significant psychoactive effects. Super Lemon OG holds a complex terpene profile dominant in Caryophyllene.

Why Do People Prefer Dabbing?

There are many popular ways to consume cannabis, popularly eating edibles or smoking the plant. Amidst the many ways of consumption, a lot of users are now shifting to dabbing as their preferred method. While there are several reasons behind this, a core reason why dabbing is gaining traction among cannabis users is that it may allow users to enjoy a significantly stronger psychoactive benefit by inhaling heated concentrates that are produced with the retention of most cannabis compounds.

There are several other benefits of dabbing as well. Some of them are mentioned below:

What Do You Need To Consider Before Dabbing?

There are several things you should bear in mind while opting for dabbing as your preferred way of cannabis consumption.

  • Since concentrates are high in THC compounds, it is recommended to use a tiny dose, especially for beginner users.
  • In the case of high-temperature dabs, the nail tool can get very hot – caution is advised.
  • Since dabbing produces great amounts of vapor, it is essential to invest in a carb cap to keep the vapors from escaping. This is because escaping vapors essentially mean that you are losing the concentrate being used.

In A Nutshell

Just like any other method of cannabis consumption, dabbing also comes with its pros and cons. However, doing it cautiously and correctly will more likely provide users with significant psychoactive effects.

Where To Buy Cannabis In Las Vegas

Whether you are looking forward to getting high-quality concentrates for dabbing or searching for the best cannabis products, Inyo Las Vegas has got you covered. We are known by many as the best cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas striving to bring top-quality cannabis to users.

Simply order your favorite medical or recreational cannabis online and have the products delivered right to your doorstep, come by our curbside pickup service on online orders, or come on in-store to meet our amazing budtenders. 

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