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Summer BBQ and Cannabis Pairings: Best Matches

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Inyo summer bbq and cannabis pairings

Summers are the time of the year when outdoor dining and weekend BBQ sessions are a must! Firing up the charcoal grill and getting a group of friends and family together for that weekend brunch has become an essential summer tradition. As this seasonal heat continues, we recommend taking your BBQ parties up a notch by adding your favorite cannabis strains to them. And where else to find them than the best Vegas dispensary, Inyo Las Vegas?

This article will help you prepare the perfect cannabis and BBQ pairings that will boost any hangout this summer!

Smoked Paprika Chicken with Zookies 

One absolute crowd favorite summer dish is the Paprika Chicken. Its creamy yet smoky touch coupled with the tenderness of the chicken just dissolves in your mouth. The entire meal is a mesmerizing experience. While you enjoy this mouthwatering dish on your BBQ menu, don’t forget to pair it with the hybrid strain, Zookies.

Zookies contain some spicy notes that blend perfectly well with paprika and influences a taste that makes a heavenly match between the two. This cannabis strain contains 50/50 indica/sativa and acts as a great end-of-a-tough-day hybrid pairing of Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue, that may provide you a subtle psychoactive touch.

The best part is that pairing this strain with your smoked paprika chicken will simultaneously allow you to experience the enhanced flavors of the dish. Altogether it is, undoubtedly, a match made in heaven. Caryophyllene is the dominant terpene in the Zookies strain. This strain is also known to boost your appetite.

BBQ Wings with The Blood Orange Cardamom Pack

Another comforting BBQ dish on the menu may be the wings. Simple as they may sound, BBQ wings have a succulent touch of savory to them that makes you want to keep dipping them into the BBQ sauce and shoveling them down one after the other.

An excellent cannabis pair for your BBQ wings this summer is the Blood Orange Cardamom pack. These are cannabis-infused tonics with 2mg THC and 4mg CBD that offer a truly refreshing buzz. The combination of different strains offers notes of spices along with a citrusy touch that adds a unique combination to mesmerize your taste buds. 

The best part about this cannabis-based product is that it may combine a multitude of feelings that come from different terpenes. It is widely known for uplifting moods and goes hand-in-hand with your BBQ wings.

Farm-Style BBQ Ribs with Glue on Fire

It truly isn’t a real BBQ if you’re leaving out the popular farm-style BBQ ribs. These succulent ribs may take a good five to six hours to prepare, but the time spent on creating them is well worth it. If prepared well, the tender ribs combined with the rich and flavorful BBQ  sauce truly clings to your taste buds.

Glue on Fire is a balanced hybrid cross that may provide a full-body effect to stimulate the mind while also simultaneously relaxing the body. This terpene-rich strain shows off a delicious profile, creating a complex flavor and aroma that allows your tastebuds to truly identify the ingredients used in the making of your favorite BBQ dish.

You can head to your favorite Las Vegas strip dispensary, Inyo Las Vegas to grab these strains at an affordable price.

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