710 Oil Day: What Is Celebrated on It?

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It’s likely you’ve heard of the celebration known as 420, on April 20th each year, but have you heard of 710? April 20th has become very popular over the years, but a true cannabis enthusiast may have a lot of interest in the relatively new holiday known as 710 Oil Day, or also called International Dab Day. 

710 Oil Day has started to gain great significance in the global cannabis community – it is celebrated every year on the 10th of July, hence the name 710. The concept behind this particular date is simple, if read upside-down, the date spells “OIL”.

This holiday is mainly centered around cannabis products that fall under the oil category, which essentially refers to the most highly potent products. These products generally include hash oil, wax, shatter, resin, and other concentrates. 

Though its gain in popularity has become more apparent, there are still a lot of questions surrounding 710 Oil Day, including how it is really celebrated, why it only comprises a few particular styles of consumption, and how is it really that different from 420? 

This article will highlight everything a lover of cannabis should know about 710 Oil Day.

How Is It Different from 420?

The cannabis community has recognized two key events dedicated to the cannabis plant, April 20th and July 10th. Though both holidays honor the consumption of cannabis, they do differ in a few ways:

  • 420 is celebrated on April 20th while 710 is celebrated on July 10th.
  • 420 celebrates all forms of cannabis while 710 is dedicated to cannabis oils.
  • 420’s origin is more clear, whereas that of 710 is still a bit hazy.
  • 420 has been popular within the cannabis community for several decades. Whereas 710 has only gained traction within a few years since about 2013.

710 can almost be considered a subcategory of the 420, as it arrived years later to focus specifically on cannabis concentrates.

What Exactly is Celebrated on 710?

710 Oil Day mainly celebrates the use of cannabis extract concentrates like oils, wax, and shatter. These are extracts or concentrates that have rather high potency and are known for their truly enjoyable results. New users around the globe are still finding out about the positive potent effects of dabbing and are beginning to prefer this method of consumption over the many others.

If you’re a big fan of cannabis extract concentrates, the upcoming 710 Oil Day in 2021 would be a great way to learn and try new products. 

Benefits of Consuming Extracts

The popularity of 710 is directly linked to the increasing popularity of cannabis concentrates. This is because the cannabis concentrates that this holiday revolves around are known to offer swift relaxation. The following are just a few example benefits of utilizing these products:

  • Products created in a lab, such as cannabis extraction, allow the manufacturers and researchers to accurately handle the dosage and purity levels of cannabis resins and oils.
  • Concentrated extracts can be nearly 99% pure when compared to cannabis plants that usually contain small amounts of CBD and THC, as well as extraneous plant material from the flower.
  • Methods like dabbing also allow consumers to be more discrete in their methods, since most dabbing techniques don’t leave a lingering pungent skunk smell that smoking flower is likely to.

You can guarantee you’re getting a reliable product by purchasing the best cannabis oils for dabbing at a leading Las Vegas Strip dispensary.

Where Do Users Celebrate 710?

There is no single location set for the celebration of Dab Day in the United States. Participants in different cannabis-legal states may hold their own events to commemorate the occasion. For example, you will find many 710 specials and celebrations at dispensaries near the Las Vegas Strip, like Inyo. 

However, in states where cannabis laws are still very strict, enthusiasts are likely to make travel plans to the more lenient parts of the country to celebrate the holiday.

Where To Buy Cannabis In Las Vegas?

To make sure you’re properly celebrating 710 Oil Day, it’s essential that you are utilizing high-quality concentrates. And unless you’re visiting the best Vegas dispensary, finding reliable and high-quality cannabis concentrates can become a challenge. This is where Inyo has got you covered.

As a leading cannabis dispensary near the Las Vegas Strip, Inyo offers top-grade cannabis concentrates, available both in-store and online. The following are just a few examples of a variety of extract products Inyo offers:

Key Lime Kush – Live Badder

  • This concentrate is similar to a wax, but much softer and malleable. Badders are known to have a very creamy and silky consistency. Budder connoisseurs enjoy its high potency and feelings of bliss. This hybrid strain is primarily indica dominant and is known to potentially relieve anxiety, chronic pain, and stress. 

Mandarin Cookies – Sugar

  • This concentrate has a more granular, wet sand-like consistency; typically a collection of tiny crystals stuck together. This Myrcene dominant strain is widely known to give a more sedating and calming effect. 

GG4 – Shatter

  • With its yellow gold luminescent color, this concentrate appears almost like glass; though it is actually known to be very malleable. Users may experience a heavy sense of euphoria and relaxation when using this product. 

If you’re planning on celebrating 710 Oil Day in 2021, it’s very important that you find the best cannabis dispensary to help you prepare for the cannabis holiday! And there’s no better place for all your 710 needs than at Inyo Las Vegas, located just near the Las Vegas Strip.

 Simply come visit our knowledgeable budtenders in-store, or seamlessly order online for delivery and curbside pickup. And a happy 710 to you!

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