Study Shows CBD May Reduce Alcohol Intake

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Inyo study shows cbd reduces alcohol intake

With the legalization of cannabis becoming more common across the U.S. and awareness about the possible medicinal benefits of the plant gaining traction, a lot of people have decided to try the plant for themselves to find out if it offers them any therapeutic effects of cannabis. Experiments are being conducted and research groups are working to further expand our understanding of cannabis and find more sophisticated evidence that may show the benefits of the cannabis plant.

Among those research studies, a study newly conducted at the University of Colorado and published in the Psychology Journal of Addictive Behaviors reports that CBD consumption may result in reducing alcohol intake.

To experiment with this finding, researchers conducted a thorough analysis of the cannabis consumption of 120 subjects. They compared cannabis consumption on the basis of THC-heavy intake and CBD-heavy intake, and even the intake of both CBD and THC as a mixture. The study concluded that those consuming CBD-heavy cannabis were likely to consume fewer alcoholic drinks every day, that they consumed alcohol on fewer days, and had fewer days with the co-consumption of both cannabis and alcohol in comparison to the other groups analyzed. The people who consumed cannabis with a mixture of THC and CBD or THC-dominant cannabis experienced no reduction or transformation in their drinking patterns.

There are conflicting reviews about the impact of cannabis consumption over the intake of alcohol. While some research studies indicate that cannabis is a substitute for alcohol, others suggest that cannabis could complement alcohol consumption, thereby causing an increase in drinking patterns. However, the clinical evidence about cannabidiol reflects that it could cause a significant reduction in the consumption of alcohol. The study mentioned above has been conducted to further explore this clinical evidence and the effects of different CBD potencies and THC over alcohol intake.

The authors from the research also stated that outcomes from the experiment have complemented what the preclinical work suggests – CBD is likely to play a role in decreasing alcohol intake. Some previous studies that have analyzed CBD in comparison to heroin, opiates, tobacco, and other controlled diseases tend to reveal a similar outcome.

“This recently conducted research has great potential to provide this notion a firm ground – that CBD may be found affiliated with reduced alcohol consumption among regular cannabis enthusiasts,” the authors further concluded. “The research recommends that it may be a positive step forward for regular cannabis enthusiasts to upgrade their CBD dosage and reduce THC factor from their cannabis strain to further contribute to the reduction of alcohol consumption.”

The research further highlights that the makeup of cannabis, specifically the cannabinoid content, shall always be given priority when carrying out a comparison between cannabis and alcohol consumption because that makes a massive difference – whether it is cannabis with high CBD or THC.

Cannabis Consumption & Reduced Alcohol Intake – What Else Do We Have?

This hasn’t been the foremost study exploring the relationship between cannabis consumption and the reduction in alcohol intake. The co-authors of the study came up with an almost similar research study back in January which they published in the Journal of Addiction. The outcomes were an inverse relationship between the two – those with chronic alcohol addiction were found to drop alcohol consumption on the days they had cannabis.

The study was focused on 96 subjects enrolled in an alcohol abuse treatment program. They were introduced to cannabis as a part of an experiment – their alcohol consumption dropped significantly on the days that they consumed cannabis and the pattern remained consistent for both heavy cannabis consumers and those with low cannabis consumption.

The final outcome of the experiment illustrated that the subjects drank an estimated 29% less alcohol and were 2.06 times less likely to enter a binge-drinking episode on days when they consumed cannabis in comparison to the days without cannabis consumption. These patterns of reduced alcohol consumption were observed among all males, females, and both regular and occasional cannabis consumers.

Because most previous studies have either called cannabis an alternative to alcohol or a complementary substance, this study seemingly establishes a foundation for a new understanding of the relationship between alcohol and cannabis. It could play a crucial role in building ground for conducting further extensive research over the subject and help to find more benefits of the cannabis plant.

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