Cannabis may Improve your Sex Life

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Inyo Studies Show Cannabis may Improve your Sex Life

Cannabis is becoming more and more popular among all people in the U.S. and all over the world due to the increase in legalization efforts over the past few years. As of 2021, 37 U.S. states have updated laws to allow medical cannabis, while 16 of them have also legalized recreational consumption as well.

The newfound, mainstream acceptance of cannabis use has also driven various research programs across the U.S., resulting in science being able to study potential benefits of the plant. This article highlights the studies done on the impact of cannabis consumption on a person’s libido, followed by the best cannabis dispensary recommendation.

The Effects of Cannabis on Increasing Libido

This research was conducted in 2017, and over 22,000 men and 28,000 women took part in it. The participants were exposed to cannabis use and were monitored during the periods before and after using cannabis. The researchers concluded that there was a higher libido in participants.

In addition to that, this study also associated cannabis consumption with higher coital frequency. 

In other words, consuming cannabis increased both the sex drive as well as the frequency of sexual activity among users.

The Female Sexual Function Index and Cannabis

Another study focused specifically on women and how cannabis affects their libido. The participants used cannabis in different forms at least six times per week. As a result, they had higher Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) scores. This score takes into account multiple parameters, including the desire to engage in sexual activity, orgasm, satisfaction, arousal, and more.

The participants were further asked to increase the use of cannabis by one instance. Adding just one more cannabis use to the weekly schedule increased their FSFI scores. The study also concluded that the female sexual dysfunction reports plummeted by 21%, which may also contribute to the increasing FSFI scores in women consuming cannabis.

Cannabis and the Role of Prolactin Levels

21 cannabis users were examined in a different study. The purpose of this study was to identify if cannabis plays a role in activating parts of the brain that are associated with sexual activity.

Researchers used a 3T MRI to study the brain function of users. They found increased activation in the right nucleus accumbens in users who had previously experienced aphrodisiacal effects after consumption. The right nucleus accumbens is part of the brain associated with sexual activity.

On the other hand, those who hadn’t felt these effects found decreased activation in the same region of their brain. This group also had higher prolactin levels after cannabis use.

As a result, researchers concluded that prolactin levels play a key role in a user’s libido after the use of cannabis. People who have low prolactin levels are likely to have higher libido after cannabis use as compared to those who have higher prolactin levels after cannabis use.

Does Cannabis Promote a Higher Sex Drive?

This is another study that associates the use of cannabis with a higher sex drive. 289 female participants were studied during this research. There were two key parameters of this study: To find if the participants’ libido increased after cannabis use and to find if those participants who regularly experienced pain during intimacy experienced a reduction of that pain after cannabis use.

A majority of the participants (65%) said that their sexual experience was better after cannabis consumption. There were 13 participants in this study who particularly used cannabis before sexual activity in pursuit of decreasing pain during intercourse. 10 out of those 13 (77%) reported that they had significantly less pain while being intimate.

This study pointed out that the use of cannabis not only increased libido in women but also helped them reduce pain during intercourse.

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