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Inyo What You Need to Know About CBD for Cancer Treatment

The famous Oncologist and the author of “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer”, Sidharta Mukherjee determined that very few diseases actually strike fear into modern human beings, but cancer tops the list. After putting a lot of money, time, and effort into the research, we’ve only come to know so much about the increased cancer rates among humans. No progress has been made in the efficacy of available cancer treatments, nor have we discovered any new treatments which could cure the deadly disease.

There has been some promising research, but not many people have yet agreed with it. Various preclinical studies suggest that some specific cannabinoids found inside cannabis plants are likely to have tumor-inhibiting and anticancer properties.

But, how could these clinical studies based on tests be indicative of what might work in human beings in a dynamic environment? The increased legalization of cannabis across many American states could play a catalytic role by providing researchers with an open platform for conducting human-based trials in these clinical studies.

A review conducted back in October 2020 by Bulgarian researchers has concluded that CBD may possess great anticancer effects. Moreover, the review has also laid down a tentative map showcasing how CBD could enhance conventional cancer treatments.

The study revolves around the effects CBD may possess in regards to different cancer cells. It further explains how CBD, in combination with conventional cancer drugs, has the potential to showcase a special synergy, improving outcomes at a greater pace.

How Is CBD Effective for Cancer Treatments?

Cannabinoids, found inside cannabis and produced naturally by the human endocannabinoid system, have the potential to regulate patterns that could impact the entire cancer disease procession – from the growth of cancer cells to their migration and spread.

Though the clinical use of THC is often termed controversial for it possesses intoxicating effects, CBD, on the other hand, is a well-accepted cannabis compound with maximum safety assurance. In addition, CBD has played an active role in reducing tumor growth and progression for versatile cancers like colon, lung, and breast cancer.

“A great amount of evidence from cell and animal-based clinical experiments highlights the widespread anticancer effects of cannabinoids, such as CBD,” says Dr. Dustin Sulak. He is an expert in cannabis medicine and an integrative physician. “CBD, specifically, hardly causes any adverse effect and is known for providing substantial relief to the patients even without in combination with conventional cancer treatments,” he further adds.

Considering such promising outcomes, today’s researchers have started digging into CBD to see how it could work synergically with the chemotherapy drugs and how this incredibly potent cannabinoid can be moved out of the laboratory and incorporated within the treatment procedures.

How Does CBD Affect Different Kinds of Cancer?

In the same Bulgarian review mentioned above, researchers also studied the evidence showcasing CBD as a primary contributor in treating diverse cancer types.

Here’s what they found about the three main types of cancer:

Lung Cancer – Thorough research carried out back in the year 2012 determined CBD to have a mechanism that could best prevent tumor spread, which causes lung cancer. The same study also highlighted that CBD could help destroy the primary cancer cells of a lung tumor.

Prostate Cancer – There have been multiple experiments conducted on prostate cell lines, and they all determine strong evidence for CBD-reducing androgen receptor expression. This, in turn, influences the progression and development of prostate cancer. In short, CBD could help delay the progression of prostate cancer via the inhibition of its receptors.

Breast Cancer – Research suggests that CBD has an inhibitory impact on breast tumor cells. They also highlight that CBD plays an exceptional role in preventing the spread of breast cancer cells when compared to other cannabinoids.

CBD Could Help Inhibit the Spread of Cancer Cells & Tumors

A primary reason why science has always failed to find the right cure for cancer is the rapid spread of cancer cells and tumors in the human body. Unlike usual cells, cancer cells are likely to express numerous mutations preventing cellular death. Thus, the mutated cells colonize and spread across the body at an unstoppable speed.

Though most cancer treatments are focused on the origin point of cancer and not the secondary sites it has spread across, research over cannabinoids such as CBD has always highlighted their potential to inhibit the spread and progression of cancer cells. CBD could prevent the spread and control the already migrated cancer cells responsible for forming new cancer tumors in multiple sites of the human body.

“CBD works in multiple ways and via different pathways to encourage tumor suppression in the human body”, suggests Bulgarian research. One such way could be the modulation of CBD with PI3K – a major pathway known for modulating cell growth, survival, metabolism, and migration.

How Could CBD Be Combined with Cancer Therapies?

Numerous reports are advocating for the approach of combination therapies, due to Bulgarian research. For example, cancer therapies carried out combined with CBD have showcased many promising outcomes compared to conventional therapies.

In landmark research conducted previously, the outcomes state that CBD combined with chemotherapy could do much better than the therapy alone. The research involved analyzing the impact of combination therapy on mice with pancreatic cancer. The treated mice lived three years more than those treated with conventional therapy. The CBD, therefore, was combined with gemcitabine. Alongside increasing life spans, CBD was found to actively improve the quality of life of the mice throughout the study.

Another related study’s findings resulted in the fact that CBD, combined with temozolomide, a conventional cancer treatment, could possibly treat gliomas—a kind of brain tumor—much more successfully than it does with regular therapy.

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