Chemometrics Could Tell More about Cannabis

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Scientist testing cannabis leaves

Scientist testing cannabis leaves

As a cannabis consumer, you must be of the belief that checking product labels is the first step towards analyzing the quality of your edible. 

Well, you aren’t wrong about that. However, only relying on the label information isn’t in your best interest. You may also have believed that the higher the percentage of THC in a product, the greater its worth. However, there is more to consider than just the popular metrics listed on the label, such as the lab reports on the label have come from. It’s a good idea to check that the source of the metrics is trustworthy as well as the brand and dispensary you are purchasing from and that they follow all the steps a licensed reputable dispensary, brand, and lab should. 

Now you must be wondering how to know if you’re purchasing the right quality cannabis product or not. “We’ve got a bunch of ways for that”, says Wurzer, a researcher known for co-founding a cannabis testing facility almost a decade ago. “Lab shopping could be a means of misleading consumers, but I believe it to be an outcome of shortsightedness; THC numbers in a cannabis product do not really represent quality”, he adds further. 

Lab reporting of cannabis-focused on a science-based understanding of the cannabis plant, known as chemometrics, is one such method. It helps break down the factual information of a cannabis strain, such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and more—ensuring that the data presented shows a much clearer picture of the details of the particular cannabis plant. 

Chemometrics: Know Your Cannabis Strain Beyond THC

You may believe that a strain with a higher THC percentage mentioned on the label is the best metric to look for in terms of the quality of a product. In reality, cannabis strains vary in quality from one another based on many factors beyond THC. 

Researchers like Wurzer have always emphasized the significance of terpenes found inside cannabis strains. This is an integral factor in shaping up the effects of a cannabis strain, for this gives it a distinct scent and flavor. 

Herbal and earthy myrcene is known to be the most common terpene within cannabis compounds. Though it is found in hops, thyme, and other plants, it has a specified potential to boost pain-relieving characteristics in a cannabis strain. Pinene is another common terpene that is popular for boosting the qualities of mitigating memory loss in combination with THC-dominant cannabis strains. Linalool, also found in lavender, uplifts the qualities of quelling anxiety in a cannabis strain, while limonene promotes an energetic effect. 

Similarly, each cannabis strain contains a different combination of terpenes and cannabinoids that encourages a different effect as an outcome of unique interactions. This interaction between terpenes and cannabinoids to form versatile flavors, scents, and impacts is referred to as the entourage effect. That is exactly why one sativa-dominant strain could strengthen your focus while another that is labeled similarly could have the opposite effect. 

Besides, a higher THC percentage doesn’t refer to getting more THC inside your body, even if the label is not misleading. Wurzer explains that “THC percentage does not really matter, you could get as much THC content from a high percentage product as a lower THC percentage if you used the lower percentage product for some additional time.” 

Chemometrics is a breakdown of a cannabis strain into terpenes and cannabinoids it comprises and the probable aroma, taste, and impact it could offer. The insightful manner in which it breaks down a cannabis strain represents exactly why chemometrics could tell you a lot about your cannabis. 

If retailers begin by stating chemometrics on their product labels, representing a much clearer picture of what the client is likely to purchase and consume it could help save consumer and retailer a lot of time. This would not only be helpful for consumers, but sellers would also be capable of finding the right products for their clients faster with less trial and error. 

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