Decreased Alcohol Use After Cannabis Consumption

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With the widespread legalization of cannabis across the U.S., the cultivation and consumption of this plant have been largely maximized. From the cultivators and manufacturers to the sellers and purchasers, everyone seems to have been infused with a wave of excitement, resulting in the entire cannabis industry’s success. The research surrounding the uses and potential benefits of the cannabis plant has also increased. New research has been massively contributing to the plant’s large-scale acceptance and legalization with their evidence-based studies and experiments. 

One such study that was conducted recently has concluded that cannabis consumption would decrease the use of alcohol amongst heavy drinkers. 

A group of researchers affiliated with the University of Colorado, Boulder, conducted an experiment meant for assessing the relation between the use of cannabis and alcohol consumption among 96 patients enrolled in the alcohol treatment program. The outcomes were avidly positive as the patients consuming cannabis were likely to crave much less alcohol throughout the day than usual. The less likeliness to crave for alcohol was consistent for both the patients consuming heavier cannabis amounts and those consuming cannabis less often. 

The researchers further explained, “the heavy drinkers enrolled into alcohol treatment program happened to reduce their alcohol consumption to an approximated 29% throughout the experiment as they’re being infused with cannabis. Also, they were 2.06 times less likely to have an episode of binge-drinking on the days when they consumed cannabis in comparison to the days when they did not take cannabis.” A similar pattern was observed among all the men, women, regular cannabis consumers, and those consuming cannabis less often. 

The study concluded that heavy drinkers could potentially see a drop in their addiction to alcohol by consuming cannabis.

Unlike alcohol, cannabis may offer a wide variety of potential medical benefits, which is why it is becoming popular across the globe. Research indicates that cannabis has helped heavy drinkers quit alcohol completely. Within no more than two years, the patients struggling with alcohol abuse showed a massive improvement in their liver functions and overall health. Despite being a great alcohol substitute, cannabis possesses only half of the total dependency rate among consumers. Therefore, cannabis could be effectively used for fighting alcohol addiction without the fear of extensive side effects and dependency. 

How Does Cannabis Effectively Substitute Alcohol?

Though the substitution of one psychoactive substance with another substance seems counter-intuitive, cannabis is commonly used as a substitute for alcohol. However, the primary objective behind this is to reduce the harm. A large number of medical cannabis patients have been using cannabis as a substitute for alcohol or to treat their addiction in place of prescribed drugs or medication. This is profound because cannabis not only offers a quick recovery from alcohol abuse without any major side effects, but it may also end up providing massive health benefits. 

Among the many possible health benefits offered by cannabis, the ones that could help to treat alcohol abuse include the following. 

Relieves Chronic Pain  

Cannabis is known for comprising various compounds, which can best help relieve chronic pain. Most heavy drinkers complain about chronic body pain as a side effect. Thus, treating them with a substitute as cannabis could help relieve their chronic pain and contribute to their detachment with excessive alcohol consumption. 

Improves Lung Capacity 

Unlike alcohol or tobacco that are popular for deteriorating lung health, cannabis intake is known to be less harmful to your lungs than other substances. A scientific study has determined that cannabis consumption may contribute to the improvement of lung health that has been adversely impacted by alcohol abuse and it is suggested that it may also increase the capacity of human lungs at the same time. 

Helps Reducing Excess Weight

One of the common side effects of consuming excessive alcohol is the abnormal increase in weight, and cannabis can help you reduce that excess weight without hassle. Thus, cannabis consumption is highly effective for those seeking alcohol abuse treatment with an abnormally increased body weight. 

Helps to Treat Depression & Anxiety

Continuous addiction and alcohol dependency often leads to a state of severe depression and anxiety. Cannabis may help to treat some kinds of depression and anxiety as it can react with the endocannabinoid system inside the human brain and help stabilize emotions and moods. 

Helps Managing ADHD/ADD

Excessive alcohol consumption often results in exacerbating existing ADHD/ADD disorders if the patient is affected by them. That can increase symptoms of severe anxiousness, lack of concentration, and issues with cognitive performance. However, it has been suggested that cannabis may help manage ADHD/ADD. Some strains have also been observed to play a significant role in improving the focus among individuals.

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