Cannabis and Autism: Its Impact on Behavioral Symptoms

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Inyo cannabis and autism

For the past few decades, there has been a lot of research on cannabis and its products to benefit autistic people. Several treatments have been shown to improve the behavioral symptoms of autistic people. No research study can conclude that it can cure the condition, but it may help alleviate and manage the symptoms. Cannabis has shown remarkable results as per the research, but there is still a need for more evidence.  

If you’re wondering how cannabis can improve the behavioral symptoms in autism patients, then keep reading the article. 

What Researchers Have to Say About It? 

Treatment of autism has long been a struggle for researchers and doctors. Although some treatments are available for such patients, there is no cure for the condition. Physicians usually target the behavioral symptoms and try to manage them with different treatment plans. 

After a long debate on the use of cannabis, it’s now highly involved in new clinical trials to see if it can help treat autism. The number of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is continuously increasing, and cannabis might be a promising treatment plan to manage the disorder. Our dispensary in Vegas offers cannabis. Therefore, it’s important to discuss how it can be best used for various conditions. 

As a way of how cannabis extract may improve autistic symptoms, it has been noted that the substance seems to act on two major areas of the brain. They first observed that marijuana’s chemical components act on the outer layer of the brain called the glia. It has been shown that glia exists both inside and outside the brain and is involved in various functions. 

Secondly, scientists noted that they cause an imbalance in how the brain’s two hemispheres communicate with each other. For example, during a person’s waking hours, their brain’s left and right hemispheres almost synchronize. 

Still, when the two hemispheres do not speak to each other, communication is impeded. It has been known for years that these two brain hemispheres are responsible for comprehending language and planning and executing movements and actions.

According to the Israeli clinical trial reports, medical cannabis can be used to control the disruptive behavior of autistic patients along with improving their social responsiveness.  The study consisted of 188 ASD patients that were treated with medical cannabis from 2015-2017. 

The treatment involved the use of cannabis oil with 1.5% THC and 30% cannabis. Only 23 patients faced at least one side-effect of the treatment, which was mostly restlessness. Overall, the use of medical cannabis for autistic patients was effective, well-tolerated, and safe. It helped relieve their symptoms to a great extent; however, it did not treat the illness.

Another case study published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports presented that delivering CBD-dominant cannabis regularly might improve behavioral symptoms. The report resulted from cannabis administration to a 15-year-old that showed great improvement in controlled epilepsy, autism, and anxiety. The patient was administered cannabis in low doses along with the prescribed medications.

According to another report, the use of cannabis-based products showed great results against autistic behaviors. For instance, the condition of co-morbid epilepsy and self-injurious behaviors were better controlled with it. The treatment was helpful for about 60% of the patients involved in the study. Also, 91% of the participants reported significant improvement in seizure control. 

How Is Cannabis Helpful in Treating Autism? 

Researchers are continuously exploring the benefits of cannabis to treat multiple health problems. From what is seen, cannabis might help you deal with stress, aggression, and anxiety. Furthermore, it might help them in controlling self-injurious behaviors as well. 

After the FDA’s approval, the first cannabis-derived-medicine was Epidiolex, which was prescribed to autistic patients. The medicine lists CBD as an ingredient that may relieve anxiety, insomnia, and aggression in patients. 

Those patients who have autism might find it difficult to perform day-to-day activities typically. Know that CBD cannot cure the disorder, but it can help in the management of symptoms. For instance, CBD may relieve sleeplessness, stress, epilepsy, and anxiety. 

You can shop the best cannabis from a dispensary in Las Vegas at Inyo to get some help in relieving autism. Apart from it, children should be administered the medication upon doctor’s approval and adult supervision. 

What to Do Before Trying Cannabis for Autism? 

There is enough research to suggest that cannabis may help alleviate autism symptoms; however, it cannot treat the underlying problem. There is low-risk associated with the treatment, which makes it a safe option for patients, and can be used for autism patients. 

If you want to purchase cannabis, it’s readily available in any Las Vegas strip dispensary, but it’s best to get it from the best one. Here is what you need to take care of before purchasing cannabis. 

  1. Always check if your state allows the use of cannabis recreationally, medically, or both, i.e., if it is able to be legally prescribed for your condition. 
  2. Write down all the symptoms and behavior patterns in the patient to run a comparison after the treatment. 
  3. Ask the doctor to discuss the sensitivities and allergies that might be triggered by the cannabis 
  4. Please do your research about the product before purchasing it. 

Where to Buy Cannabis in Las Vegas? 

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Final Thoughts 

Following the legalization of cannabis in several states, its use is becoming quite common. More and more people are exploring the medical benefits of cannabis.

When it comes to getting cannabis, make sure that you’re purchasing it from the right place. Also, discuss with your doctor before adding or switching to a cannabis medical treatment. Remember that cannabis might help you in relieving your symptoms, but it cannot cure autism. Cannabis is a promising treatment plan to ensure that autistic people enjoy a life with their symptoms under control, but more research is required to explore further benefits of medical cannabis in relation to autism.

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