Fleur: A Leading Organic Cannabis Producer

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Fleur is one of the leading cannabis brands that are manufacturing the cannabis plant organically. When chemical farming was trending, they followed their own path and left behind a lot of standard practices that are popular in the cannabis industry, which included fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides.

Although it took a lot of research to perfect the process – Fleur was able to put together the perfect combination of cannabis experts, botanists, and microbiologists who knew precisely how to bring the vision of organic cannabis production to life. 

Today, we can now look to their amazingly expanded brand that boasts a variety of organic cannabis compounds across states while ensuring sustainable green cultivation as well as in the production & packaging. 

What Methods of Growth Do They Follow at Fleur?

Fleur employs 100% sustainable growing practices to cultivate and produce the best organic cannabis products. They grow their cannabis plants using no-till living soil via Korean natural farming methods. 

At Fleur, they also prepare all their composts and fertilizers from the organic components harvested from either plants or fruits and source them from local farmers. This organic and sustainable manufacturing contributes massively to bringing out the best potential in terms of all the taste, feel, smell, and impact.

Where to Find the Best Fleur Products In-Store & Online?

The good news is that you don’t have to search far to find the best Fleur products! You can find a great Fleur selection at the best Las Vegas strip dispensary, Inyo. We have a variety of Fleur products in stock in-store and available online available. 

Take a look at the most popular Fleur products available at Inyo below and find the best choice!

Hybrid Cherry Chem  

This is an aromatic and tasteful fusion between the strains Cherry pie and Chemdawg. Living up to its name, it has all the notes of cherry-like sweetness followed by a spicy flavor on exhale – giving chills to your taste buds. It has an equally cherry-sweet smell initially, which is later followed by the notes kush and diesel. The high associated with cherry chem is famous for its euphoric effects that may give your mind a profound relaxing impact infusing happiness in your mood.

Hybrid Zest 

Long and wavy lime-green leaves covered in orange pistils and a thin amber-trichome layer indicate the Zest is a cannabis strain, this flower is enriched with a strong aroma of cedar and orange citrus that leaves behind a taste of spicy ginger. The dominant terpene found in Zest is Limonene which is famous for giving the plant a fruity citrus flavor and may stimulate creativity in the mind. It is known for relaxing chronic muscle pain and calming the nerves to an extent where your brain begins to feel lighter and plain. It could also help people struggling with insomnia – attaining a sound sleep and peace at the same time.

Strawberry Cough 

A sativa-dominant flower, strawberry cough is a daytime hybrid popular for having a strawberry-like aroma and flavor. It may have impacts on the consumer that helps them achieve a focused and brightened cerebral mindset or mood. Many seek this type of strain to help when completing house chores or work that still requires efficiency, but they want to feel at ease while doing so.

Indica LA Confidential  

A superb strain-specific pre-roll by Fleur, LA Confidential, is extremely potent. It has an exciting aroma of skunky pine and a sweet aftertaste of hash, coffee, and lemon. This strain is a fusion of OG LA Affie and Afghani that may give a deeply relaxing, optimistic, and thought-producing effect. 

Now that you have adequate information about all the popular cannabis products by Fleur available at the best cannabis dispensary near Las Vegas, Inyo, hopefully making a choice isn’t that hard after all. Pick the strain you like most by Fleur and visit Inyo’s FIne Cannabis dispensary near the Las Vegas Strip for an easy, fun experience.


Getting your favorite Fleur cannabis products at Inyo is easy and simple. You can order online and have your products delivered right to your door, use our curbside pickup services or get the full experience and chat with our knowledgeable budtenders in-store! We’ve got you covered in all the scenarios.

Place your order now or visit our store to experience the incredible delivery, curbside pickup, and in-store services we offer!

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