Cannabis Helps with Rheumatologic Illnesses

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Man in a black t-shirt rubbing his hand

Man in a black t-shirt rubbing his hand

Although researchers are still working towards discovering the more medicinal benefits of cannabis, extraordinary pieces of evidence uncovered over the years have proven that it may be useful to help relieve long-term pain. 

How Can Cannabis Ease Pain Caused by Rheumatologic Diseases

Research has discovered that almost 17% of the total patients struggling with rheumatologic illnesses happen to consume cannabis for relief. 

To understand how medical marijuana can help cure rheumatologic illnesses, researchers from Clermont Ferrand, France, carried out a systematic analysis of the available literature on the use of cannabis in treating rheumatologic pain. 

This included lupus, fibromyalgia (FM), and rheumatologic arthritis. The analysis involved an estimated 10,873 patients, out of which 2,900 claimed to have consumed cannabis. According to the research, approximately 20% of the total patients fighting with rheumatologic diseases happened to be actively consuming cannabis and noticing a clear improvement in pain.

Due to medical marijuana cultivation, processing, and consumption restrictions, the research has been relatively limited in the past. However, small studies have been conducted over the past few years as we see increased medical cannabis legalization. These studies have successfully discovered some amazing benefits that medical marijuana offers for patients suffering from rheumatologic diseases.

Two of the most extensively studied components of cannabis, CBD and THC, are known for their pain-relieving characteristics. While THC leads to feeling high, CBD is famous for its calming effects on the human brain. 

If we look at patients suffering from rheumatologic diseases, their primary problem is chronic pain in joints, stiffness, or tenderization. The intensity of pain could also impact their eyes, lungs, skin, and other sensitive body parts. 

Therefore, medical marijuana, especially CBD, could be helpful for pain management and help patients in the following ways:

  1. Lessens the intensity of pain patients go through in the early mornings. 
  2. Improves sleep quality by calming the nerves. 
  3. Decreases joint inflammation. 

Cannabinoids and the Immunity System

Some small-scale studies suggest that cannabinoids might aid in the repair of a damaged immunity system. However, these studies’ limitedness remains an obstacle in understanding the actual impacts of medical marijuana on patients with rheumatologic illnesses. Research must be expanded for more transparent outcomes as it can also contribute to the overall legalization of cannabis across states. 

Cannabis Oil and its Effectiveness for Treating Fibromyalgia –

A study conducted by researchers in Brazil has revealed that the use of cannabis has excellent outcomes for patients struggling with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain syndrome. Although this research was small-scale and limited to a smaller sample size, the results suggested that further trials with an extended sample size may be useful in the future to help definitively reinforce the positive result for those afflicted with fibromyalgia. 

Considering the negative impacts of fibromyalgia on the patients, their families, and the overall community, it’s crucial to further study the role of medical marijuana in the treatment of such diseases as it could be a likely potential low-cost alternative to more expensive fibromyalgia treatments. 

Self-Medication for Rheumatologic Pain – How Can Cannabis Legalization Help the Patients?

Even though many states are moving towards the legalization of medical marijuana, many have yet to consider it. Therefore, a lot of patients dealing with rheumatologic diseases self-medicate their pain by consuming cannabis. 

This is normally because their pain builds up a tolerance to traditional treatments or they may not be responding well to traditional clinical therapies and medications such as antirheumatic drugs and analgesics. Hence, the legalization of medical marijuana could contribute to finding more research-based evidence and help patients when it comes to pain management through the controlled and medically prescribed use of cannabis.

How to Decide If Cannabis Is Effective for Relieving Your Pain?

The best way to determine if cannabis is effective for relieving your pain is to consult a doctor. If you’re suffering from a rheumatological illness and conventional treatments don’t seem to help out, you can always consult your physician about medicinal cannabis as an alternative option. They will help you determine the correct way, dose and how to use cannabis to alleviate your pain.

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