Where to Find Old Pal Cannabis In Las Vegas

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Inyo Where to Find Old Pal Cannabis in Las Vegas

Old Pal – A Classical Cannabis Brand

Old Pal, generally called shareable cannabis, is a reminder of simpler times when communities were connected, and joints could be shared across neighbors and friends without obstacles. The brand is massively popular for producing affordable cannabis that is also abundant in quantity, which can be easily accessed by any and everyone. Old Pal believes in the philosophy of sharing the adventure with the neighborhoods, inspiring human minds, and boosting moods by way of one the incredibly unique and creative products in their line.

Old Pal believes that the modern cannabis brands are so heavy on the pocket that it’s pricey to share among friends. And that, in particular, is ruining the tradition of shareable cannabis! Thus, Old Pal’s mission is to keep producing high quality, yet affordable cannabis products that are pocket-friendly and shareable at the same time.

The Ideation Behind Old Pal – The Shareable Cannabis Brand

When everyone around the globe was busy launching upscale cannabis brands, Old Pal arrived on the scene as the foremost affordable cannabis brand. It has proved to be the first of its kind of cannabis brand, focusing on the value of production more than anything else. The natural and rain-watered Old Pal cannabis is without any doubt a reminder of the good old California buds from the 60s and 70s, unlike today’s highly produced strains. Despite being affordable and accessible, Old Pal strains easily compete with high-end and high-quality cannabis brands.

The Best Sellers of Old Pal Cannabis

Though Old Pal Produces many great cannabis products, a few of them top the market without any doubt. Take a glance at them and pick the ones you like most.

Special Blue – a premium cannabis range offering 25% and higher potency levels; focused on single strains.

The Original Ready To Roll – loved by all, resealable pouches filled with grounded flowers, crutches, and rolling papers.

Classic Shareable Whole Flower – pure cannabis flower that is shareable and is bagged carefully with love and care.

Find Your Favorite Old Pal Cannabis Products At Inyo Las Vegas

In case you are wondering where to buy cannabis in Las Vegas, Inyo cannabis dispensary is your go-to spot. Inyo sells a range of Old Pal cannabis and strains, including flower, extracts, vapes, edibles, gear, pre-rolls, topicals, and more produced by Old Pal. You can see the top Old Pal cannabis strains for focus & concentration here.


The mission of producing all-natural cannabis and making it accessible for all has made the brand exciting for Inyo. The Las Vegas dispensary takes great pleasure in shelving their products and providing them to consumers with confidence. Apart from visiting us in- store, we at Inyo also take pride in our curbside pickup and delivery service and online ordering, which are the best in town and could prove the best option for those buying cannabis during the pandemic or seeking professional cannabis advice. Visit us at Inyo today!

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